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Version Upgrade Prices (per license in USD)
Edition One Version Upgrade Two+ Version Upgrade
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You get the best upgrade pricing when you stay current. Two+ Version Upgrade pricing applies to licenses that are more than 1 major version behind the current version.

Edition Upgrade Prices (per license in USD)
Upgrade Price
Home/Standard to Professional $60
Professional to Enterprise $220

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Optional Priority Support and Maintenance (PS&M)

Optional priority support and maintenance (PS&M) (for one and two year periods) is available. This includes priority support for technical support questions as well as guaranteed free major upgrades during the priority support and maintenance period.

To add PS&M to your order, simply choose the appropriate option on the order page to add PS&M for the desired period (one or two years). The below prices are valid only when buying new licenses or when buying version or edition upgrades for existing licenses and are in addition to the new license or upgrade price.

NOTE: New orders for (and upgrades to) the Enterprise edition include one year of PS&M at no additional cost.

PS&M Pricing for New Licenses and When Upgrading (price per license in USD)
Time Period Enterprise Professional Home / Standard
One Year Included ($0) $79 $79
Two Years $199 $139 $139