Check Entire Websites with the Batch Wizard

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The CSS HTML Validator Batch Wizard lets you check entire websites for proper HTML & CSS syntax, spelling, SEO (search engine optimization), broken links, and more.

Simply launch the Batch Wizard from CSS HTML Validator by pressing F2 (or choosing Tools->Batch Wizard) and create a list of targets that you want to process (i.e. validate). Targets can be URLs, files, or folders. Set the Batch Wizard to do what you want to do (validate, spell check, link check, etc) and then run the job to process the targets and generate the report.

Reports are created in HTML format and can be easily viewed in any modern web browser.

URLs can be followed and websites can be "spidered" or "crawled" with depth limit control and other limits. For example, to check an entire website:

  1. Add the website's root URL as a target. Example:
  2. Answer 'Yes' when asked if you want to spider (crawl) the target.
  3. Confirm the depth limit setting in the dialog that appears. It defaults to -1 for no depth limit.
  4. Confirm the 'Limit to' string so if your website links to another website, the Batch Wizard won't start crawling that site as well (but it will make sure the link is valid if link checking is enabled). In this example the 'limit to' setting would default to:
  5. Finally, change any validation and link checking options that you want to change and then run the Batch Wizard job to start crawling the target and generating the HTML report.

See also the Validating an Entire Website (new window) documentation topic.

The validation is also very configurable. For example, you can generate your own custom validation messages to find specific issues unique to your website or you can generate a custom CSV (comma separated value) file with the validation results (or almost anything else about the validated documents). For more information about the possibilities, see the TNPL Scripting language documentation (new window). If you have any questions then just ask us.

NOTE: The Batch Wizard is available only in the professional and enterprise editions of CSS HTML Validator.

Batch Wizard Features

Screenshot of CSS HTML Validator's Batch Wizard

The Batch Wizard shown running on Windows 10.