CSE HTML Validator Helps with CLF 2.0 Compliance

Use CSE HTML Validator Standard, Pro, or Enterprise to help comply with CLF 2.0.

Support for CLF 2.0 is new in v10.0.

CSE HTML Validator for Windows can be used to check web documents for issues that can affect compliance with the Government of Canada's Common Look and Feel (CLF) standards. In addition, CSE HTML Validator checks HTML, CSS, accessibility, spelling, links, and more.

NOTE: Be sure to turn CLF checking on in the Canada CLF page of the Validator Engine Options (go to Options->Validator Engine Options). For more information, please visit the CLF 2.0 documentation page.

Simply open a document in the program, press F6, and the document is checked. It's that simple!

Integrated Editor Showing Accessibility Messages

CSE HTML Validator Std+ v11 includes the ability to check for issues that help websites comply with the Government of Canada's Common Look and Feel for the Internet Standards and Guidelines.

Integrated Editor

CSE HTML Validator integrates a powerful, lightweight, clean HTML/text editor with a powerful and customizable validation engine that produces intelligent, thorough, and understandable results. Notice that the line in the document with the validator message is highlighted in red to indicate an error occurred on the line. Notice also that the message in the Results Window (at the bottom) has been selected causing the text responsible for the message to be selected.