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important informationNOW AVAILABLE: The new htmlval for Mac/macOS command line (console) program is now available! Try it for FREE.

CSS HTML Validator for Apple Mac (htmlval)

Use the command line (console) tool htmlval for Mac/macOS to check HTML, CSS, and JSON documents on macOS, and try using it with your favorite Mac editor (see integration with Mac editors).

htmlval is based on the core validation engine in CSS HTML Validator for Windows, which has been ported to macOS.

Note that some features like link checking, spell checking, PHP syntax checking, JavaScript checking, and some other features are currently not available in the macOS port. This is a command line (console) tool for macOS; there is no GUI like in the Windows version.

Current trial version (arm64/M1/M2/Mx): htmlval for Mac (ARM) Trial 2023 (v23.0030)

Download htmlval for Mac (ARM) FREE TrialHow to Install

Current trial version (Intel/x86_64): htmlval for Mac (Intel) Trial 2023 (v23.0022)

Download htmlval for Mac (Intel) FREE TrialHow to Install

The free trial of htmlval is fully functional (with no time limit) except for the maximum number of errors and warnings being locked to 10 each.

Download and Install htmlval for Mac

To install, download htmlval for Mac (Intel) trial or download htmlval for Mac (Intel) (Paid Version) and then extract the files. The 'xxxxxx' represents "trial" (for the trial version) or the actual version number (for the paid version). After extraction you'll see a new htmlval directory with the needed files inside.

$ tar -xvf htmlval-mac-intel-xxxxxx.tgz

Next, run the install script as root to copy the files into the proper location. htmlval is copied to /usr/local/bin and htmlvalV230.cfg is copied to /etc/htmlval. See the README file if you want to do a manual install.

# cd htmlval # ./install-htmlval

or (when not root)

$ cd htmlval $ sudo ./install-htmlval

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Documentation for htmlval for Mac

The main documentation for htmlval for Linux and htmlval for Mac has been combined into a single htmlval Documentation page.

Uninstalling htmlval for Mac

To uninstall, you can run the uninstall script as root to remove htmlval and htmlvalV230.cfg. Then you can manually delete any remaining htmlval folder and htmlval*.tgz file.

# ./htmlval/uninstall-htmlval

or (when not root)

$ sudo ./htmlval/uninstall-htmlval

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Buy a License for htmlval for Mac

If you like what you see and would like to buy a license and support continued development of htmlval, then you can buy a license for CSS HTML Validator Pro for Windows or CSS HTML Validator Enterprise for Windows. These editions include htmlval. Note that htmlval is not included with the Home edition.

You can also buy an htmlval-only license for $69 $49 (INTRO OFFER) which includes only the command line (console) tool for both Linux and Mac. IMPORTANT: This htmlval-only license does not include the Windows GUI app.

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Integration with Mac Editors

Below you will find helpful information on using htmlval with various Mac editors. This is a new list and we are adding editors as needed and requested. Is your favorite Mac HTML editor missing or do you have a suggestion for an improvement? If so then please contact us or post in our forum and request that it be added.

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