Check Links or E-mail Addresses

The home and higher editions allow you to view and check the links and email addresses that have been extracted from a supported document. To do this, select the Links Tab in the Results Window and then click the Check Links button (next_square16) to check the links (if the links are not already being checked automatically). Note that the links only appear after opening and validating (or link checking) a document. Links can also be checked from a text file that contains one link per line and email addresses can be checked from a text file that contains one email address per line.

When the check is finished, CSS HTML Validator will place a red square in front of all the links that appear to be broken. By default, a yellow square will be placed in front of redirected links. If HTML Validator does not know how to check a link or is configured not to check the link then a blue square is placed in front of the link.

Note that CSS HTML Validator will only check local file and HTTP/HTTPS links and will do a syntax check on email addresses (email address syntax checking can be disabled). By default, CSS HTML Validator will "automatically press" the Check Links button (next_square16) for you to check links in the background while you work. You can disable automatic link checking in the Editor Options.

The Batch Wizard can be used to check the links of an entire website (professional and enterprise editions only). Note that link checking can be limited to specified links.

See also the Links Tab topic for more information.


Checking Links or Email Addresses in a Text File (one per line)

Enable (if not already) the 'Auto detect text files containing links (one per line) when validating' option in the Link Checking Options Page to have the link checker check the links or email addresses listed one per line in a text file when validating or link checking the file. This allows easy link checking of text files that contain a list of links or email addresses.

To make it easier for CSS HTML Validator to automatically and reliably detect a list of links (especially a list of email addresses), the first line of a list of links should contain exactly "CSEJOBTYPELINKCHECKTEXTLIST" (without the quotes).

NOTE: Email addresses may begin with "mailto:". If not, then "mailto:" is automatically prepended (assumed) because that is the format expected. The email addresses will be checked for syntax and the DNS name (hostname) of the email addresses will be checked to make sure there is a valid DNS record for it if DNS checking is enabled in the Link Checking Options Page.

Checking HTTP Links in any Text Document (New v14.00)

If you have a text document that contains absolute (not relative) HTTP or HTTPS links at random locations (does not have to be one per line) and want to check those links, then check the document as usual but make sure that the first line contains exactly "CHVJOBTYPELINKCHECKTEXTRANDOM" (without the quotes).

For example, to check the links in a sitemap.xml file, make the first line exactly "CHVJOBTYPELINKCHECKTEXTRANDOM" (without the quotes) then validate the document and check the links. Just remember to remove "CHVJOBTYPELINKCHECKTEXTRANDOM" when you're finished checking the links.

Note that the 'Auto detect text files containing links (one per line) when validating' option in the Link Checking Options Page should be enabled (if not already).