The Batch Wizard is a powerful tool that helps you quickly validate multiple documents (or use a tool on them) and view the results in a single or multi-page report.

The Batch Wizard can follow links and, if desired, can also check the links of a website without validating the individual documents (by doing only a link check). Also, Batch Wizard jobs can be run from the command line.

To get started, use the Target menu (or other method) to add the targets that you want to process or validate (such as files, folders, and/or URLs) to a new or existing Batch Wizard target list. The targets will appear in the Target List Tab.

For help with specific tabs please see: Target List TabTarget List Options TabExclusions Tab Advanced Tab

See also the Using the Batch Wizard and Batch Wizard Tips topics.

NOTE: The Batch Wizard is not compatible with all websites, especially websites that rely heavily on scripting or that have non-basic or complex security and/or authentication requirements.

NOTE: The Home edition does not include the Batch Wizard, and the Professional trial edition may be limited (depending on the tool being used) to checking a small number of documents so that the limited number of trial validations are not quickly used up. To fully use the Batch Wizard without trial limitations, a licensed version is required.


Batch Wizard Tool


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