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Sound is not required for all demos (some are silent except for typing and mouse clicking sound effects).

Online Demonstrations

These brief & simple online demonstrations (in tutorial style) will show some of the basic capabilities of CSS HTML Validator Pro.

NOTE: The demos are silent except for typing and mouse clicking sound effects.

play validation demo Validation Demo (6 min) - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

play tools demo Tools Demo (2.5 min) - shows the uppercase, lowercase, quote, and remove tags/extract text tools. NOTE: This demo is based on an old version of CSS HTML Validator, but is still useful.

Let us know what you think about these demos.

Screenshots are also available.

Checking Accessibility with CSS HTML Validator

This screencast demo uses an old version of CSS HTML Validator but it's still relevant and useful for the latest version.

Learning HTML & CSS with CSS HTML Validator

The below video is from a beginner CSS course offered by Andy Williams on Udemy.com. The course name is CSS - Comprehensive CSS for beginners. It's a short introduction to CSS HTML Validator.