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The "font" CSS Property


This shorthand property sets 'font-style', 'font-variant', 'font-weight', 'font-stretch', 'font-size', 'line-height', and 'font-family' at the same place in the style sheet.

Values for "font"
CSS LevelValue
CSS Fonts Level 4"[ [ <'font-style'> || <font-variant-css2> || <'font-weight'> || <font-stretch-css3> ]? <'font-size'> [ / <'line-height'> ]? <'font-family'> ] | caption | icon | menu | message-box | small-caption | status-bar"


  • All font-related properties are first reset to their initial values, including 'font-stretch' and 'font-size-adjust'. Then, those properties that are given explicit values in the 'font' shorthand are set to those values.

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