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Home Help: "font-weight" CSS property

The "font-weight" CSS Property

This property sets the weight (or boldness) of a font. Note that some fonts are not available in all weights.

Values for "font-weight"
CSS LevelValue
CSS Fonts Level 4"<font-weight-absolute> | bolder | lighter", where <font-weight-absolute> = "[normal | bold | <number [1,1000]>]"
CSS Fonts Level 4 (in @font-face)"auto | <font-weight-absolute> <font-weight-absolute>?", where <font-weight-absolute> = "[normal | bold | <number>]", and <number> must be greater than or equal to 1, and less than or equal to 1000


  • "100" is thin, "400" is the same as "normal", "700" is the same as "bold", and "900" is black/heavy.

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