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The <a> Element

Inline Text Semantics

The <a> element, with an "href" attribute, represents a hyperlink labeled by its contents.

Attributes for <a>
TypeAttribute List
'Standard' Attributes"href", "hreflang", "name", "rel", "target", "type", "download", and "paint-order"
New HTML5 Attributes"data-title", "ping", and "referrerpolicy"
Obsolete Attributes"charset", "coords", "methods", "rev", "shape", and "urn"

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Accessibility Information & Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Many elements support the "title" attribute that is used for annotation (do not confuse the <title> element with the "title" attribute). Consider annotating tags like <a> with something like title="Read about <keywords>". Annotate with keywords and search terms. Some browsers, like Firefox, will also display the value of the "title" attribute when the user hovers the mouse over content with a "title" attribute.
  • Following accessibility standards may improve search engine rankings. Use "alt", "title", and table "summary" attributes whenever relevant and possible. Use keywords and search terms in them but keep them accurate. Using CSS HTML Validator's optional accessibility checking can help.
  • Consider linking to one or more high ranking sites that are related to the site you're promoting. Use your site's keywords in the link text if you can.

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