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The <embed> Element


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Embedded ContentNew in HTML5Well Supported

The <embed> element is used to insert an external (typically non-HTML) application, plugin, or interactive content.

Attributes for <embed>
TypeAttribute List
'Standard' Attributes"allowfullscreen", "allowscriptaccess", "alt", "autoplay", "autostart", "base", "bgcolor", "border", "controls", "flashvars", "frameborder", "height", "logo", "loop", "menu", "palette", "play", "pluginspage", "progress", "quality", "scale", "song", "src", "swliveconnect", "swremote", "swstretchhalign", "swstretchstyle", "swstretchvalign", "target", "type", "units", "volume", "width", and "wmode"
Obsolete Attributes"align", "hspace", "name", and "vspace"


  • This element is in HTML5, but wasn't in HTML 4.01.

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