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The "embed" element is used to insert an external (typically non-HTML) application, plugin, or interactive content.

Attributes for "embed"
TypeAttribute List
'Standard' Attributes"allowfullscreen", "allowscriptaccess", "alt", "amp-access", "amp-access-hide", "autoplay", "autostart", "base", "bgcolor", "border", "controls", "fallback", "flashvars", "frameborder", "height", "hidden", "logo", "loop", "menu", "palette", "placeholder", "play", "pluginspage", "progress", "quality", "scale", "song", "src", "swliveconnect", "swremote", "swstretchhalign", "swstretchstyle", "swstretchvalign", "target", "type", "units", "volume", "width", and "wmode"
Obsolete Attributes"vspace", "name", "hspace", and "align"


  • This element is in HTML5, but wasn't in HTML 4.01.

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