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The <input> Element


The <input> element creates a user-interactive control for web-based forms. Form controls can accept data from the user, which can then be submitted to a web server.

Attributes for <input>
TypeAttribute List
'Standard' Attributes"accept", "alt", "autocorrect", "autosave", "checked", "disabled", "maxlength", "name", "readonly", "results", "size", "src", "type", and "value"
New HTML5 Attributes"autocomplete", "capture", "dirname", "form", "formaction", "formenctype", "formmethod", "formnovalidate", "formtarget", "height", "list", "max", "min", "minlength", "multiple", "pattern", "placeholder", "popovertarget", "popovertargetaction", "required", "step", and "width"
Obsolete Attributes"align", "border", "hspace", "ismap", "usemap", and "vspace"

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