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The <td> Element

Table Content

The <td> element represents a data cell in a table. For a header cell, use the <th> element. Place table cells like <td> and <th> in rows using a <tr> element for each table row.

Attributes for <td>
TypeAttribute List
'Standard' Attributes"colspan", "headers", and "rowspan"
Obsolete Attributes"abbr", "align", "axis", "background", "bgcolor", "char", "charoff", "height", "nowrap", "scope", "valign", and "width"

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Accessibility Information & Tips

  • Use the <table> element and other table elements (<tr>, <th>, <td>, etc.) to present tabular information. This preserves data relationships even when users cannot see the table or the presentation format is changed. Do not use tabs or spacing to create visual presentations of columns. Visit https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20-TECHS/H51 for more information.

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