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Home Help: repeating-radial-gradient() CSS function

The repeating-radial-gradient() Function

A repeating radial gradient creates an image consisting of repeating gradients that radiate from a center point. It is similar to radial-gradient() (and takes the same arguments) but it repeats the color stops infinitely.

Syntax for repeating-radial-gradient()
CSSrepeating-radial-gradient( [ <ending-shape> || <size> ]? [ at <position> ]? , <color-stop-list>), where <ending-shape> is "circle" or "ellipse", <size> is "closest-side", "farthest-side", "closest-corner", "farthest-corner", a length (if <ending-shape> is "circle" or omitted), or <length-percentage>{2} (if <ending-shape> is "ellipse" or omitted), <color-stop-list> is "<linear-color-stop> , [ <linear-color-hint>? , <linear-color-stop> ]#", <linear-color-stop> is "<color> && <length-percentage>?", and <linear-color-hint> is <length-percentage>


  • Negative values for <size> are invalid.

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