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How to open the current document in CSS HTML Validator:

How to show the validation results in the output window:

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Use CSS HTML Validator Standalone or Integrated!

The following applications provide integrated support for CSS HTML Validator. You can use CSS HTML Validator by itself, or with one of these programs.

Developers: It's easy to support CSS HTML Validator in your own applications.

Opening a Document in CSS HTML Validator from Another Program

If you want CSS HTML Validator to automatically validate the document when it's first opened then check the Validate documents when opened option in the Files > File Options page of the Editor Options.

Note that the path to cmdlineprocessor.exe on your computer may be different depending on where CSS HTML Validator is installed and what version you're using.

If you're using an editor that allows you to run a tool or other program then you may be able to configure it to run CSS HTML Validator and open the current document. You can then press F6 to validate the document in CSS HTML Validator's editor.

To open a file in the editor, call cmdlineprocessor.exe (included with CSS HTML Validator) with the -o parameter followed by the full path of the file that you want to open in the editor.

Below are instructions on how to do this for various programs.

Showing CSS HTML Validator Results in the Output Window

Some editors support an 'output window' that can show the messages from CSS HTML Validator. Some of these editors also support the ability to click on a message in the output window and be taken to the proper line number in the document. Below are some instructions on how to set this up.

Troublesome Editors

We encountered issues with these editors when we tried them with CSS HTML Validator.

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