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Do I Need to be an HTML Expert?

No! No, you do not need to be an HTML or CSS expert. You only need to have a basic understanding of HTML and/or CSS, or be wanting to learn HTML and CSS. If you're a student, then CSS HTML Validator is an excellent program to use for learning HTML.

CSS HTML Validator would not be for you if you don't have any knowledge of HTML/CSS *AND* you do not want to learn. If you do not have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, but you do want to learn, then we recommend combining an online HTML tutorial or book with CSS HTML Validator. If at first you find yourself overwhelmed with all the messages that HTML Validator generates, then don't worry, you'll quickly catch on after a few days of use. We think you'll quickly find CSS HTML Validator a valuable learning tool.

What is CSS HTML Validator?

CSS HTML Validator for Microsoft Windows (formerly named CSE HTML Validator) is a powerful, easy to use, user configurable, and all-in-one HTML, XHTML, and CSS checker that also includes an SEO (search engine optimization) checker, link checker, spell checker, accessibility checker, and built-in editor.

Just open an HTML, XHTML, or CSS document with CSS HTML Validator and tell it to do its thing by pressing F6! Easy to understand syntax errors, warning and other messages will appear below the source of your document. Simply click on one of these messages and you will be taken to the place in your document where the problem is. Fix the problem with the integrated editor, check the document again (to make sure that the problem is fixed), and then save it when you're finished.

The Batch Wizard, included in the professional edition, lets you easily check/validate multiple files and/or URLs and will generate a neatly formatted HTML report with the results. The Batch Wizard can follow links to check an entire small to medium sized web site or part of a large one. It also includes a spell checker and link checker.

If you think that you're writing clean HTML, then you'll be surprised at what CSS HTML Validator will find in your documents! CSS HTML Validator is an indispensable tool for any HTML author.

Download one of these versions today from the download page:

CSS HTML Validator Helps You Quickly Fix Your HTML

  • Checks/validates an entire website (or part of it) given one URL or folder with the Batch Wizard (Pro+)
  • Checks/validates a specified list of documents with the Batch Wizard (Pro+)
  • Finds misspelled and invalid tag names, tag attributes, tag attribute values, and character entities
  • Finds missing and mismatched quotation marks
  • Finds missing or extra end tags
  • Checks for accessibility issues based on Section 508 US Government Standards and/or the industry standard Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG 1.0) or 2.0/2.1 (WCAG 2.0/2.1) (Home/Std+)
  • Checks CSS syntax (Home/Std+)
  • Checks the HTML and CSS output of dynamic pages (such as ASP and PHP pages) as you browse a website in the integrated web browser
  • Checks for issues that can affect search engine rankings (Home/Std+)
  • Makes suggestions and gives tips to improve search engine rankings (Home/Std+)
  • Detects incorrect placing and nesting of tags
  • Alerts you to incorrect or incompatible HTML based on a specific browser or HTML version (for example, notifies you of many Netscape specific or Internet Explorer specific tags, attributes, and attribute values)
  • Finds deprecated tags, attributes, and CSS (Home/Std+)
  • Finds bad design issues and suggests improvements (Home/Std+)
  • Finds broken links (Home/Std+)
  • Finds misspelled words

When HTML Validator finds problems, you can fix them easily with the integrated HTML and text editor. Also see the comparison chart.

Benefits Of Using CSS HTML Validator

  • CSS HTML Validator helps you produce top quality websites. Remember, if a visitor has a problem with your website, then the next site is only a click away. If you have a business website, then CSS HTML Validator is a no-brainer; you'll quickly find it indispensable (and your customers will appreciate it too).
  • Are you wondering why your site is doing poorly on the search engines? Bad HTML may be the cause. Search engines may encounter great difficulty crawling, indexing, and extracting the content of a website that contains severely broken HTML. CSS HTML Validator will help you avoid bad HTML that can harm your position on search engines.
  • Using CSS HTML Validator to produce a quality website can build customer loyalty, improve brand equity, protect your corporate image, and increase revenue.
  • Requiring HTML developers to check their HTML with CSS HTML Validator before publishing or submitting it to a site will promote quality and save time and money. It will also greatly reduce the chance that a document has to be sent back to the developer for repair.
  • Even when using a WYSIWYG editor, don't assume that it knows how to write good HTML! The fact is that most of these programs generate very poor HTML. When using a WYSIWYG editor, be sure to check the documents that it generates before publishing them on the web. You may be surprised at some of the nonsensical things these programs will do. Don't take chances.
  • Save hours of time. The more HTML you write, the more time you will save. Don't waste time manually looking for problems, figuring out why your HTML doesn't display like it should, or using online checkers. Get CSS HTML Validator and check HTML, XHTML, and CSS fast. Remember: Time is money. Wouldn't you rather be doing something more productive than manually checking all those tags, attributes, properties, links, and more?
  • You'll be able to prevent many viewing problems before they happen. You won't have to wait until one of your visitors tells you about it. How many people are leaving your website because it's not displaying properly on their screen or not compatible with their web browser? Too many if you aren't using CSS HTML Validator.
  • Are you learning HTML? CSS HTML Validator offers you helpful advice and points out mistakes. It's like having your own personal tutor.
  • Are you a computer or Internet consultant? Use CSS HTML Validator to show your clients how poor their website is and increase your business by helping them fix their website!
  • Your HTML writing standards will be superior to many HTML authors who still do not realize the importance of checking their web documents for problems.
  • Protect your reputation: If anyone looks at your HTML, then you'll have much more confidence in what they see. They'll know that you know what you're doing and that you care about giving a good impression with your website.
  • Do you still think that you don't need it? Do you think that you have a program that generates clean HTML? Give CSS HTML Validator a try for free. We bet you'll be surprised!

CSS HTML Validator also includes tools that change HTML tags and attributes to uppercase or lowercase, a tool that strips HTML tags, a tool that converts different operating system text file formats to other text file formats, and a tool that lets you use templates in your documents.

How Much Does HTML Validator Cost?

Current prices for the different editions are listed on the buy page (paid versions start at only $69). A trial version that lets you validate up to 200 documents or use it for up to 30 days (whichever comes first) is available on the download page. A free version that is licensed only for personal, non-commercial use is also available on the download page.

If you're a student, educator, non-profit organization, or educational institution then you may qualify for a significant discount (see this discount buying page).

Paid versions also include a period of upgrade protection. If a new major version is released within the upgrade protection period then you'll get a free upgrade to it.

You can quickly buy online using PayPal or a credit card.

Please visit the buy page page for more information and a complete list of prices and volume discounts.

A free lite edition is also available (even though it has now been discontinued). This edition is less powerful than the paid editions, but it's free and can be used for commercial purposes. However, we don't recommend that professional web developers and businesses use this edition because the paid editions are significantly better.

What Do I Need in Order to Use HTML Validator?

Current versions of CSS HTML Validator for Windows require Windows 10 or above. No other special hardware or software is needed.

Linux and Mac command line (console) versions are also available.

Information about running CSS HTML Validator for Windows (with GUI) on a Mac or on Linux.

What Are Some of the Features of HTML Validator?

The features listed below are for the latest version of CSS HTML Validator. Also see the comparison chart.