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(December 07, 2016) Validating DOMs: Did you know that CSE HTML Validator v17 makes it easy to validate a "live" DOM with Firefox and the Easy Copy Add-on?

(November 16, 2016) CSE HTML Validator Std/Pro/Enterprise v17.00 is Now Available!
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(October 28, 2016) Buy v17 Upgrades Now: CSE HTML Validator v17 is coming soon, and v17 upgrades can now be purchased. Check to see if your license will be up-to-date when v17 is released by going to the upgrade page and entering your email address.

(September 12, 2016) AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Developers: Do you do any AMP HTML development? If so then please see our forum post about AMP HTML.

(September 7, 2016) CSE HTML Validator Std/Pro/Enterprise v16.05 is Now Available!
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(July 6, 2016) CSE HTML Validator Lite v16.04 is Now Available! This is a MAJOR NEW RELEASE of the free lite edition.
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(June 7, 2016) CSE HTML Validator Std/Pro/Enterprise v16.04 is Now Available!
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(March 23, 2016) Integrate CSE HTML Validator with Other Programs: Did you know that you can use CSE HTML Validator with programs like NoteTab (new window) (a fast and versatile text editor with a large library of clipbooks) as well as other programs? Visit our integration page for more information about integrating with NoteTab and other programs.

(October 6, 2015) CSE HTML Validator Std/Pro/Enterprise v15.05 is Now Available!
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(July 23, 2015) No Internet Connection Required: CSE HTML Validator does not require an Internet connection to check HTML and CSS. This means that it's great for classrooms where Internet access is non-existent or restricted for security reasons. More about using CSE HTML Validator in the classroom.

(March 20, 2015) Robots.txt Validator: We're working on adding a robots.txt tester to the next update of CSE HTML Validator, but you can try it now at http://www.OnlineWebCheck.com/ (new window). Just check http://(yourdomain)/robots.txt and let us know how it works.

(March 17, 2015) Why Validate? With so much poor HTML out there, you might think there's little reason to validate yours... but here are some reasons why websites should have good HTML and why it should be validated.

(January 31, 2015) Web Developer Forum: Did you know that our online support forum is not just for technical support? It's also for asking general web development questions and requesting website critiques. Also, we just updated the forum software to phpBB 3.1 to improve features and functionality. Online Support Forum

(January 21, 2015) Did you know? CSE HTML Validator is a Fantastic Learning Tool: Are you teaching or learning HTML, CSS, SEO, accessibility, and/or PHP? Take advantage of our classroom and student discounts on CSE HTML Validator Standard and stay ahead of the curve. CSE HTML Validator makes learning better, easier, and faster. Also, take a look at our new book recommendations on the Learn HTML & CSS page.

(December 22, 2014) Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays! We'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Also, look for a new v15 update (v15.01) in early 2015 to help ring in the new year.

(August 25, 2014) CSE HTML Validator Std/Pro/Enterprise v14.05 is Now Available!
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(October 30, 2013) HealthCare.gov: When is a "content" attribute not a "content" attribute? Answer: When it's an "ontent" attribute on HealthCare.gov. Don't let your site suffer from such basic mistakes. More: HealthCare.gov Fails Basic HTML Check

(August 22, 2013) CSE HTML Validator Std/Pro/Enterprise v12.03 is Now Available!
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(August 9, 2013) Check a List of Links: Have you ever wanted to check a list of links? CSE HTML Validator can do it! See the forum post Check a List of Links with CSE HTML Validator for more information.

(July 25, 2013) Facebook Page: Did you know CSE HTML Validator has its own Facebook Page? 'Like' our page now! CSE HTML Validator Facebook Page (new window)

(November 28, 2012) TopStyle 5 RELEASED: TopStyle 5 is here! TopStyle 5 is a powerful HTML5 and CSS3 editor that integrates with CSE HTML Validator.

(August 27, 2012) CSE HTML Validator Std/Pro/Enterprise v11.0230 RELEASE: Now available to v11 licensed users.
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(August 24, 2012) SlimBrowser Integrates with OnlineWebCheck.com: SlimBrowser now uses OnlineWebCheck.com for its 'Validate HTML Source' option. More About SlimBrowser

(May 6, 2011) Web Developer Forum: Did you know that our forum is not just for technical support? It's also for asking general web development questions and requesting website critiques. There are also forum RSS feeds you can subscribe to. Online Support Forum

(May 5, 2011) Firefox Support: If you use Firefox, then you can use an add-on extension to validate with CSE HTML Validator from within Firefox. Firefox HTML Validator Extension/Add-on Page

(February 25, 2011) Portable Installs: If you are a licensed v10.0 user and would like to help test a new "portable mode" that lets CSE HTML Validator be installed on USB drives so it can run on different machines, then please visit the portable version forum topic.

(January 20, 2011) Improved OnlineWebCheck.com: OnlineWebCheck.com, the free online version of CSE HTML Validator, has been significantly improved. Results are now based on the std/pro edition instead of the lite edition. Try it now: OnlineWebCheck.com.

(November 2, 2010) Updated Online Demo: Our main online validation demo has been updated. This short demo is recommended for new users and anyone interested in a quick tutorial on how to use CSE HTML Validator.

(July 22, 2010) PCNet Online: PCNet Online reviews CSE HTML Validator and says using it is "way cool". Read PCNet Online Review

(January 5, 2010) Forum RSS Feeds: We've done some updating to our forum RSS feeds. We have a forum-wide feed showing the newest posts, a "new post" feed for logged-in users, and per-forum new post feeds. Have you registered for a forum account yet? Online Support Forum

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