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Our Philosophy

In Summary

  1. Our design philosophy is to focus on the core validation engine and to avoid excessive features and bloat. We work hard to provide reliable, bug-free, efficient, and productivity boosting software.

  2. We will include tools, such as the integrated editor and Batch Wizard, to make using the core validation engine easier to use and more productive.

Our goal is to produce a powerful, easy to use, fast, reliable, and productivity-boosting tool to help professional webmasters produce quality web sites. Our premiere tools for doing this are CSS HTML Validator Pro and CSS HTML Validator Enterprise. Even though our premiere tools are designed for professional use, they are still easy to use and very useful for educational or hobbyist use (the standard edition is very affordable and is great for such use).

Our design philosophy is to concentrate on the core validator engine portion of the software and to constantly offer better syntax checking abilities. Our future plans for the core validator engine include:

The built-in editor and Batch Wizard included with CSS HTML Validator Pro and Enterprise are designed to make using the powerful validator engine much easier for checking multiple files and websites.

The editor offers a powerful, fast, reliable, and easy to use interface to the validator engine. The editor is not designed to be a full-featured "bloated" HTML development tool and we will not work to make it this. Instead, we will only add significant features to the built-in editor that increase its value as an interface to the validator engine portion of our software.

Because of the resources required and technical issues in porting HTML Validator to other platforms, as well as the lower demand, we do not currently plan on supporting other platforms and operating systems other than Microsoft Windows. However, you can run CSS HTML Validator on a Mac or Linux.