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Customer Service Policy

We provide customer service, including answers to sales, technical support, and general questions by email and through our support forum. We also provide service and support through our web site. Please see the support page.

Older and obsolete versions: Older versions are not supported to the extent that the latest version is supported. If we can quickly answer your question about an older version, we will. However, we must devote our time to the latest version so we are not able to deeply look into problems that you may be having with older versions. Because of the quick pace of advancements in Internet related technologies and software, we recommend that you stay current and always use the latest version of CSS HTML Validator for best results.

CSS HTML Validator Lite: Support for the free edition of CSS HTML Validator is limited. We'll try to help, but priority is given to support for paid editions such as the standard, pro, and enterprise editions.

Privacy Policy / Privacy Notice

We respect your privacy and work to build your trust. We do not and will not distribute, sell, or give away your personal information to third parties. This includes your email address.

Parts of this site, including (but not limited to) the online forum, may use cookies (new window). Third party components may also use cookies to perform their function and track user activity. Cookies are often used to perform essential functions in the modern web.

Contact us if you want us to remove your information from our database. You can also update your email preferences.

Satisfaction Policy

We work very hard to ensure your satisfaction with our product. If you are not satisfied, then please let us know and we will work with you to do everything reasonable to make you a satisfied customer.

Return Policy

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, then we will gladly give you a refund if you tell us within 30 days of your purchase.

Upgrade Policy

MAJOR UPGRADES: The standard edition includes upgrade protection (free major upgrades) for 90 days, the professional edition for 180 days, and the enterprise edition for one full year. This means that you can upgrade for free if a major new release is available within the upgrade protection period.

MINOR UPGRADES: Minor updates are always free for all editions. Minor upgrades generally include bug fixes, minor updates, and/or minor new features.

Low cost upgrades are available for previous purchasers who do not qualify for a free upgrade under the free major upgrade period. After purchasing an upgrade, you will also receive 90 days (standard edition), 180 days (professional edition), or another year (enterprise edition) of upgrade protection (free major upgrades). This means that if another major version is released within the upgrade protection period, then you can upgrade to the new version for free.

Upgrades may be purchased when your license is not current for the currently available major version. Please contact us if you want to extend your free major upgrade period even though you are already licensed for the current version.