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These are real testimonials that we have received from our customers.

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"This is a VERY VERY amazing product!"
- Jim Tramontana, Web Designer/Front End Developer

"You and your team have made a very valuable tool for testing the compatibility of websites to established standards. I have enjoyed using and tracking down my own errors in coding."
- Michael, CSS HTML Validator user (now retired)

"I use it all the time!"
- Allen R. Marshall, Allen R. Marshall Consulting LLC, 9+ year CSS HTML Validator User!

"Best program I have used on a weekly basis."
- Peter Boyko, AblePrint / Toucan Inc, 16+ year CSS HTML Validator User!

"HTMLValidator is one of the utilities from which I benefit most. Since I'm not a web developer I learn a lot from the error messages and validation results."
- Michael Thuma, 19+ year CSS HTML Validator User!

"I have loved using HTML Validator for longer than I can remember. The thing I like the most is the program suggests corrections."
- Paul, Spokane WA, 20+ year CSS HTML Validator User!

"I've been using HTML Validator for about 10 years and continue to find it indispensably helpful."
- David Parlett, ParlettGames.uk

"I write my own website, about 80 pages, I'm not a programmer, so I'm really pleased to say that your software has been of great help in guiding me along the straight and narrow."
- B. J. Adams, Principal QTA Systems

"Your product is fantastic. I still can't get over how fast it is!"
- Nolan J. Noecker, NJN Consulting

"After spending a couple of weeks researching HTML Editors for the Mac, I have come to realise what a superb product your htmlvalidator really is. It's truly in a class of its own. Nothing else comes close."
- David Cooke, CSS HTML Validator User

"I have found CSS HTML Validator to be very accurate. The tool gives us comprehensive, yet concise analysis of our web pages. It is really excellent at finding and suggesting fixes."
- Gary Johnson, CSS HTML Validator Pro User

"I like the batch checking in Pro!"
- John Schofield, CSS HTML Validator Pro User

"I LOVE the product! It's a real time saver!!"
- Ed Williams, CSS HTML Validator User

"Your program took a real novice and made my website error free all these years. It's made me appreciate to know you're sitting there thinking of ways to make checking code easier and error free just for me, and I suppose others."
- Peter Boyko, AblePrint / Toucan Inc, 16+ year CSS HTML Validator User!

"Your product is amazing."
- Matthew Justice, CSS HTML Validator Home user

"This is one of the best software investments I have made in my 17+ years of web design and webmaster support businesses. Their global HTML editor is the best tool I have ever found or used for this function. I can find and strip in code fast. There's a deep and broad amount of options to work with, while its easy to use interface makes the product even more valuable. It's simple to use, fast and accurate. It's now my go to tool ... I even use it for creating new css and html pages and simple editing as needed. I'm onboard for the rest of my career."
- Max West @ WebSupportbymaxwest.com

"Your software has served me well for a very long time in my professional endeavors."
- Glenn Martin, CSS HTML Validator User

"CSS HTML Validator is a great tool and it made developing code easy with its amazing interface."
- Mike Davis of templatetoaster.com

"I have an HTML file that holds the URLs of sites that the family frequently uses. It isn't on the Web, just on hard drives here in the house. A few days ago, I opened it in CSS HTML Validator to make a change. After making the change, I ran a validation. There were no errors or warnings, but, more-or-less by chance, I noticed a message that said, in effect, "Hey! This file is really old. You should make it HTML 5". So I changed the first line in the file from whatever ancient doctype it used to <!DOCTYPE html> and re-ran the validation. That produced a slew of big red error messages, all saying something like, "Hey! You can't do this in HTML 5. You need to do this instead!". So, on every error, I made the change that CSS HTML Validator suggested, sometimes with not much more than a copy/paste. When I got done, the file validated with no errors or warnings. The upshot was that I converted an old HTML file to HTML 5, no thinking on my part required. I find that amazing. The depth of the knowledge embedded in your software exceeds all expectations."
- David Bridges, CSS HTML Validator User and maintainer of wine.htmlvalidator.com

"You have gone beyond the call of duty. Much appreciated. I have used your excellent software for a long time now and hopefully the people who visit my websites appreciate all the work you have put in developing the software and my time checking that my coding is up to your standard."
- Clive Watts, CSS HTML Validator User

"I use your program at least a couple times a week. Seems I have been with you as long as dirt. You have made it easy for a novice like me."
- Peter, CSS HTML Validator User

"This has to be one of the most useful programs I've ever bought (which is why I'm upgrading). Thank you very much, it has saved me pulling out what hair I have left many times over!"
- Tom, CSS HTML Validator User

"This is a great tool and I check every page with it."
- Eric Jungersen , CSS HTML Validator User

"Fantastic program! I've tried all validators and this is by far the best. So powerful because it helps you fix the validation errors with easy to follow suggestions. The interface is perfect and it's really easy to use. Truly amazing product and I don't write code without it!"
- Richard Brus @ SerpWorx

"Your work on this program is really quite remarkable. Tools that provide such comprehensive information are rare, and this is one of them. I've barely skimmed the surface of everything that can be done with it, and it's already proving helpful where I wasn't expecting it to be. So, thank you for creating it!"
- Tom Brodhead, CSS HTML Validator User

"I have been using CSE HTML Validator for many years, and still consider it to be the best investment I have ever made. I fell in love with HTML Validator when I discovered that I could open a hundred pages, make a global search-and-replace, run validation on all the files, and save and close them in less than a minute, rather than the hours it would have taken me beforehand. All of HTML Validator's additional features were just icing on the cake!"
- Brett at BD, Long-time (more than 10 years) CSS HTML Validator User

"This is a totally amazing software. The amount of thought that goes into this is mind-boggling."
- Nolan J. Noecker, NJN Consulting

"Just to say, I have been using HTML validator for many years and think it is fantastic!"
- Mark Simons, IMEXA Ltd

"I have tried various validators and been limited or disappointed for one reason and/or another until CSE HTML Validator. I create / update my public access script programs (Perl & PHP) and find especially embedded validators difficult to use and setup. But simply running an edited script while keeping CSE HTML Validator pointed to the output the validator is a cinch to use, re-running it when desired keeping the amazing array of validation options active without hassle. So, the best validator easy to use... a no brainer."
- Ron, CSS HTML Validator User

"CSE HTML Validator is great. I consider it an indispensable tool. I use it almost anytime I build or change a page. It's great to confirm that everything is structured and working properly."
- Eric, CSS HTML Validator User

"Excellent product. Really helped in clearing up issues with dynamically generated HTML that is produced by ColdFusion. Was able to get everything HTML 5 compliant and solve many problems with missing columns, missing closing tags, erroneous tag matching, etc. Such a task would have been impossible without the use of your product."
- Ray Thompson, CSS HTML Validator User

"What I really like about the CSE HTML validator, is that it checks everything and gives helpful commentary so that the user can learn how to avoid future errors. It’s kind of like having a professor at my beck and call!"
- Ruth Windsor, CSS HTML Validator User

"When I was in school and using HTML, your product was more than worth the price. I also used it when I created web sites. I have used a couple of other validators and found CSE to be the easiest to use."
- Paula Meunier, CSS HTML Validator User

"I am extremely impressed with the accuracy and level of detail provided by the Validator. For me, the CSS validation and spell-checking are wonderful additions. It is finding many things that no other validators that I have tried, have found."
- Stefan Muth @ Diagnose Your Symptoms

"A second HTML Editor/Validator besides Visual Studio 2015 is helpful because your product manages HTML/CSS code much better than other products."
- Ronald Arnold, CSS HTML Validator User

"This is an excellent tool that allows you to Validate your markup. The built in editor is one of the best I have worked with."
- Farid Bouyengoulene, CSS HTML Validator User

"We've been using HTML validator quite frequently due to the ease and accuracy in spotting and correcting our mistakes on our new Bootstrap HTML5 template."
- Mitchell Robson, CSS HTML Validator User

"Thanks for a great product. I have caught numerous errors I would never have seen without CSE HTML Validator."
- Don Strack, CSS HTML Validator User

"Really terrific software, worth every penny."
- David Bennett (Southern Tang), CSS HTML Validator User

"Our developers used this extensively during the re-build of our site and it helped massively! Thank you!"
- Sandip Singh, CSS HTML Validator User

"It amazes me how quickly your batch validate works. I put all 219 pages of my main website through it yesterday and it zoomed through. Incredible. It’s a huge boon to me."
- Malcolm Pugh, webmaster of stiffsteiffs, February 2015

"I've been using your sofware for years and have found it to be one of the better ones out there and your support for the software is unbelievable."
- MacKenzie Smith, CEO, Quacon Testing Services Inc.

"Thanks guys, you saved us hundreds of hours. Keep up the good work."
- Rene Skaflestad, CSS HTML Validator User

"Thanks for a great product. I've been using it for years and it's always been invaluable."
- Mike Butcher @ siserone.co.uk

Andrea Nagar

"I love the interface of your software and the clear suggestions it gives to correct the errors."
- Andrea Nagar @ PhraseExpander

"I have been looking for a replacement HTML editor for some time, but didn't want something heavy/glossy. I wanted something fast and functional. Your product as an editor looks like a superb replacement and your validation side of the product is absolutely wonderful."
- Steve Tillotson, CSS HTML Validator User

"I have found that your product saves me much time and stress. Thank you."
- John Veit, CSS HTML Validator User

"CSE HTML Validator saves us hundreds of hours when checking our websites, and helps us make them SEO and user friendly."
- Jock Purtle @ Make A Website

"This program is really very good and is much more than just a validator. You could use this fact when advertising! I use the editor often as my favorite text editor when being in the last phases of production."
- Dirk Bollaerts, CSS HTML Validator User

"As a website designer I am always interested in using tools which make my life easier and I can honestly say that this is one of those tools. CSE HTML VALIDATOR has got to be one of the best HTML validation tools I have used and better still, I found it really easy to get the hang of. A+ from me!"
- Robert @ E-Koncept

"I LOVE CSE HTML Validator for learning HTML. I love that the program can tell the user where the error is, and highlight the line. It's a HUGE time saver. Thanks for a great program!"
- Jerry, CSS HTML Validator User

"Even now that I use Joomla for its CMS properties, I still write my template files using CSE HTML Validator, and even write the individual articles on the validator before cutting and pasting them into Joomla. WYSIWYG is all very well, but for ease of precise manipulation there is nothing like direct coding."
- Nigel Blakey, CSS HTML Validator User

"Great program - it helped me go from junk HTML starting in 1996 to validated HTML 4.01 and now HTML5."
- Colin Gilboy @ 4specs.com

"I'll be honest, I'm a bit of an amateur and I tend to make a lot of typos! This used to cause me to spend sometimes hours just searching for the one missing character that messed up my entire website! Now, thanks to CSE HTML Validator I spend WAY less time looking for errors and more time optimizing my SEO (also thanks to CSE HTML Validator)."
- Anthony Wayne, CSS HTML Validator User

"Just wanted to tell you guys how much we've appreciated the validator. I was skeptical about whether it would be of any use to the seasoned website builders at our company, but it really is a great error-catcher, and it has helped us with SEO in ways I didn't predict. Great work!"
- Dan Simmins @ Vertical Thinking.ca

"I have been a customer of yours for quite a long time and I am happy to say that you are remarkable. You have a very nice product that has saved me many times through the years. It is always at my side together with my Adobe tools that I use for design and development. Your new version notification emails make me happy in contrast to other messages I get."
- Ralf Gummerus, CSS HTML Validator User

"CSE HTML Validator is a wonderful product and has helped me immeasurably in HTML. I'm retired and do websites for non-profits and political issues and rely heavily on the validator. Other validators don't do nearly as much in finding real problems and in offering workable solutions. I am one VERY happy user."
- David Kirk, CSS HTML Validator User

"I bought Parallels and Windows just to be able to run CSE HTML Validator Pro on my Mac - and it was totally worth it."
- Glen Pipkins @ AllWebCo

"CSE HTML Validator Pro 10 is the single best program of its kind. When I finally understood that it is designed to be a validator, error checker, with good and useful editing ability (instead of the reverse order) the program became a cornerstone, 1 of 4 essential tools, for the multiple websites with which I work. The improvements in version 10 are the icing on the cake."
- Ronald Constant, CSS HTML Validator User

"Thanks for the good work and quality software you provide. I do LOVE my CSE HTML Validator Program."
- Yolanda Martin @ Computer Canvas Creations

"We endorse CSE HTML Validator and use it all the time to check our changes. It saves time for us. Thank you!"
- Eamonn Turley @ Car Hire

"I checked out quite a few alternatives before going for this product, and I have not regretted it for one second. This saves so much time and produces great results."
- John Daniels, CSS HTML Validator User

"I've been using CSE HTML Validator since 1998, starting with version 2.5. Right from the beginning this excellent program was worth every buck spent. One of my sayings is: "Use the best tool available, and the work result will be excellent!" CSE HTML Validator is an enormous time-saver and helps me create "perfect code". The quality level, continuous care, and functional improvements Albert has made over the years are just great - Congratulations!"
- Dr. Walter J. Schwarz @ Value Analysis Consultant

"As a relatively inexperienced web site developer, I find CSE HTML Validator to be indispensable. Congratulations on a very effective program!"
- Bill Stanley, CSS HTML Validator User

"I researched and tried programs for days and then I found CSE HTML Validator! Your product stood out as easy to use and functional. You have by far the best program out there! Also, the product is intuitive so I do NOT need to read a 300 page instruction manual to figure out what I am trying to do."
- Garth Finley, Retired NASCAR Engineer

"I find it even better then any validations done by the standards authority for CSS and HTML."
"It is by far the best one on the market and you are sure to get a great amount of use out of it."
- Clisair's CSE HTML Validator Review

"What an excellent program. I'll highly recommend that my students purchase their own copies for use on their laptops as well. Thanks!"
- Bob Bagwell @ Rogue Community College

"CSE HTML Validator has been a lifesaver. It offers so many more options than w3c and is a lot faster. We use it on all our new projects during development, to make sure our customers get only the best. Thanks CSE HTML Validator!"
- Moddish @ Website Design Firm

"I have used CSE HTML Validator Lite for years now, I love it. Besides the quick validation of the html, I also love the template feature, and the fact I can edit the inserters. It's easy to use and works great, with plenty of useful features. I've recommended it to several people. Thanks for a great product!"
- Christine, CSE HTML Validator Lite User

"I'm releasing a brand-new web site and I want it to be as perfect as possible. CSE HTML Validator has already helped a lot!"
- David Trump, CSS HTML Validator User

"I use CSE HTML Validator daily from within StepEdit. It saves me many hours of work when an HTML error isn't so obvious (a lot of DIV's in my skeleton and some DIV's in some of my include files)."
- Erik De Laet @ SiteStepper

"I find that your product is very helpful for finding errors in my HTML and CSS code that other validators do not find."
- Mark Astengo @ DaDon's Rare LaserDiscs

"CSE HTML Validator Pro has saved me countless times. I have bought other tools that claim to do what CSE ACTUALLY DOES. We use it every time we get back work from a designer or programmer and it always catches what they miss. Tools like this allow us to give our clients the high standards of service that they deserve. If you are thinking about buying this you need to buy it now. You won't regret it."
- Jon Page @ Local SEO

"I have been using CSE HTML Validator Lite for less than an hour, but it managed to find a significant number of typos that I had missed despite several hours of careful code checking!"
- Nigel J Bacon, CSE HTML Validator Lite User

"CSE HTML Validator is a simple to use, feature-rich and flexible, validation software which enables the super-quick checking of code for errors (and helps you fix them!). We cannot live without this product now, and we fully recommend it, especially as the search engines are starting to place emphasis on well-written pages. Thank you!"
- Tamer Shafik @ ShinyShack

"I have always been very happy with CSE HTML Validator but, due to a mistake on my part, found that I needed to contact customer support. I can honestly say that the response I got was the most efficient I have ever experienced, anywhere! Fast, effective, and courteous. I cannot praise highly enough."
- Tom Hensford, CSS HTML Validator User

"CSE HTML Validator is one of the most robust and comprehensive applications I have encountered in 20 years of computer work. Hats off to you!"
- Jim Sylva, CSS HTML Validator User

"I test with Opera, Chrome, Firefox and IE. If there are problems it is almost always a difference between IE and all the other browsers. And the problem is almost always fixed by verifying the html and CSS code using CSE HTML Validator. Fix the errors and the problems are usually gone."
- Gary Elfring, CSS HTML Validator User

"We recently bought CSE HTML Validator Pro. Thanks for a good product. The complete one-button website check justifies the Pro version alone. We're not "webbies" but it's paid for itself already."
- Stephen Pelc @ MicroProcessor Engineering Ltd - More Real, Less Time

"Just a quick note to say that you version 9.03 is SUCH A KILLER ! Very nice set of features have been added since version 7 which was my last one. I am particularly enthused over the Tools > Format & Fix routine and I have come to depend on it. Of course I suspect I will discover other niceties but that one stands out in my mind."
- Jim Tonne, CSS HTML Validator User

"I design sites mainly for myself, but also as a gift to churches & non-profit organizations. Without your product it would be very difficult to design a site without errors in the coding. I would say, HTML Validator Pro & PaintShop Pro XI are the two pieces of software I simply cannot do without. So far I have been able to keep up with your updates & it is well worth the price. Thank you for being such a tremendous company to do business with; your products are #1 in my book, as is your superior customer service."
- Verlin Martin, CSS HTML Validator User

"If I had to sum up CSE HTML Validator in one word...WOW! The program is truly AMAZING! Not only does it save you countless hours and days worth of work, but it is also fast and easy to use. I personally love the CSS checker that is built-in. I can't tell you how many times I've made mistakes in CSS but thanks to CSE HTML Validator, I don't have to spend hours finding my mistakes. Save yourself a ton of time and headache. Get HTML Validator Now! Don't wait! Oh, and if you really want to help your website's ranking then CSE HTML Validator can help with that too, thanks to their link checker feature. This special feature helps you find and repair all of the broken links!"
- Brent Folger @ ppc management

"CSE HTML Validator is very useful to me as I use it to update my local church's web pages. I am a bit of a fanatic about trying to keep to web page standards and it keeps me on the straight and narrow!"
- John Fulton, CSS HTML Validator User

"I have been using HTML Validator now for years and I am very happy with the program. It has helped me a lot checking and editing Websites from my customers and creating error free pages."
- Wolf-Henning Frisch, CSS HTML Validator User

"I bought CSE HTML Validator Pro almost 6 months ago, and have since switched to a near-full-time Linux user. However, I've managed to find an equivalent or better product for every Windows-only product on Linux...except CSE HTML Validator. CSE HTML Validator remains the only stumbling block that keeps me going back to Windows." (Our response: Sorry, we only have a native Windows version but we are very happy that you find CSE HTML Validator so useful and irreplaceable!)
- Brian Deragon, CSS HTML Validator User

"I would like to take this opportunity to just say thank you for a wonderful, useful, and awesome program. I am a self taught web designer since 1997. I only use very basic code editors. Your program has SAVED me thousands of times. When you are coding, your mind is into the code...it is difficult sometimes to simply back out and take an overview of your work. I can tell you it is without a doubt ONE of my most valuable tools in building my web pages."
- Tom Werley, CSS HTML Validator User

"I just want to tell you that I think this is a TERRIFIC program! It has certainly improved my coding skills significantly and the suggestions that are generated have been most helpful! I should mention that I originally found your program when I was creating a page and it validated fine in my other programs, but displayed wrong. After beating my head against a wall trying to find the problem, I found your validator and fixed the problem in no time. I could have saved myself a bruised and bloody forehead <g>, not to mention several hours of frustration, if I had found your program earlier. It was worth every penny!"
- Becky Campbell, CSS HTML Validator User

"I was used to a free online tool, which is nowhere near as simple to use as CSE HTML Validator Lite. It suits all my needs as a web developer and I have recommended it to many colleagues already!"
- T. Kramer @ WAKR! BV

"I can't tell you how many hours of troubleshooting this program has saved me."
- Steve Massey-Crouch, Instructor of Computer Applications at Tompkins Cortland Community College in Dryden, NY

"One error in our page can drop our Google page ranking about ten pages. That moves it off the first page onto the second and nobody views the second page in these days of quick choices. When this happens, it takes about two weeks to get back to page one. This is why CSE HTML Validator is important to us. It is the best out there by far."
- Malcolm Pugh, CSS HTML Validator User

"One of the nicest things about CSE HTML Validator is the way it gradually lets you tighten up your ship, enforcing the most important rules first, and only once those gross violations are cleaned up do you ask it to get pickier and pickier. If your final goal is 100% perfect XHTML, you can head there gradually."
- Roedy Green @ Canadian Mind Products

"My two biggest concerns have always been browser compatibility and handicap access. I have used your product from late 1999 (Version 4) to the present. It has only grown better. It's unfortunate that more "professionals" don't use your product. You have the unique combination of a great product and the best service there is."
- Ken Moore, CSS HTML Validator User

"I continue to be proud that I was not only an early adopter, but also an early recommender of CSE HTML Validator. Of course, it's still a mainstay in my design arsenal, and I continue to suggest it as a "must-have" to the students in my Adult Ed Web Design class, and even to our web design clients who want to "play around" with their websites for minor updates instead of having us do it; saves a lot of clean-up headaches!"
- Dr. Barbara Strand @ MoonLake CyberSmiths

"CSE HTML Validator Lite is a superb application -- does everything I hoped and much more."
- Charles Toth, CSS HTML Validator User in Keyser, WV

"I've been using HTML validator in order to get my sites to look the same in every browser, from Internet Explorer 5 all the way up to the new Firefox 3 beta. I'm loving it!"
- Anne Wapstra @ EasyTerra Car Rental

"I have had CSE HTML Validator for a while now, but only recently started doing serious HTML programming. After programming HTML for a while I started checking with CSE HTML Validator and now I can say that it is worth every penny. It is like having a professional HTML consultant available 24 hours!"
- Richard Crist, CSS HTML Validator User

"CSE HTML Validator has become *the* essential utility for all my website development projects."
- Ian Lewis, CSS HTML Validator User

"Thank heavens for CSE HTML Validator! I have been using it for some years and continue to do so on a very frequent basis. Every time I fire it up I am impressed by the speed and ease with which it shows where I have fouled up. Your efforts have saved me hours of aggravation and work. It is undoubtedly one of the best and most useful bits of software I have come across. I much appreciate the facts that it does what it says on the tin, that it is very easy and intuitive to use, that it never falls over, and that it has a very professional, clear and attractive user interface which makes the package a delight to use."
- Richard Carr, CSS HTML Validator User

"Keep up the good work; I'd as soon lie down in a snakepit as work without CSE HTML Validator."
- Walt Wheeler, CSS HTML Validator User

"I really doubt I could have got my little website started if it wasn't for your fantastic software. Easy to use and packed with features. Thank you very much guys, I really couldn't run my site without this."
- Lewis Moody, CSS HTML Validator User

"I've been playing around with CSE HTML Validator for a few days now, and I must say that I absolutely love it! Especially the addition of spell-checking makes me love this application. I've been using the application to check my personal sites as well as my client websites."
- Tjeerd Kramer @ Designaweb

"CSE HTML Validator beats every other brand that I've tried - and I've tried quite a few!"
- Richard Baker, CSS HTML Validator User

"Just want to let you know how pleased I am with CSE HTML Validator Standard. I have checked several hundred "strict" and "transitional" files and your program is really a delight to use compared to other validation programs I have used. Again - super program."
- Fred Haarbye, CSS HTML Validator User

"I have been using your service for years, during which I have become internationally famous as a search advertising consultant (type 'search advertising consultant' or just 'advertising consultant' into Google)- I often make a difference of page one on google when nothing else would work by running the target site through the validator and fixing the errors - thank you: yours is one of the best services on the web."
- Israel Rothman @ Social Media Systems

"CSE HTML Validator is a great product and a tool every web designer should not be without. Makes a fantastic way to make your site fully compliant. It's helped me no end. I strongly advise you to buy this product, you will not regret it."
- Phil Brighton @ Web Designer Magazine

"CSE HTML Validator is my favorite editor and I use it all the time. It's a great product and it's all I use for writing CSS and web pages. You can quote me on that."
- Ruston Withrow, CSS HTML Validator User

"I teach a web design class and this is now one of the tools that I recommend that my students download. Since introducing this to my classes I have seen an increase in the quality of code that is being written by the students. I have also used this to clean up the code of my own personal website and now can't remember how I managed to write compliant code without CSE HTML Validator."
- Mr Justin Davis, CSS HTML Validator User

"I have never had even one second of formal training. I taught myself while using your software. Your software is my most valuable tool!"
- Glenn Martin, CSS HTML Validator User

"Kudos to all the people and staff behind this great HTML validator! It's an invaluable tool for web developers to develop standards compliant websites. I came to know about your software through Molly's book, 250 HTML and Web Design Secrets. Keep up the good work!"
- Raymond Selda, CSE HTML Validator Lite User

"What a fantastic product! It has helped me really tighten up code and I am now pleased to say that I can write valid XHTML in my sleep... but I couldn't have done it without a little help CSE HTML Validator. Thank you once again."
- Paul Gray, CSS HTML Validator User

"I wanted to say how impressed I am with your Validator. It is an absolutely first class piece of software which I use constantly. One sure way to convince any new clients why their old website doesn't work very well is to run it through your validator in front of them! They are always immediately hooked! And I am a very careful, thorough designer and SEO specialist - but your validator nearly always finds mistakes in my work too!

"I used CSE HTML Validator Lite for about 3 years before buying v7. I think you are missing a big trick here! CSE Lite is excellent, and I thought the Pro version couldn't be much better. Boy, was I wrong!! You need to sing the praises of your Pro versions much more than you do. It is SO much more powerful. I just wish I had upgraded before."
- Philip Marter, CSS HTML Validator User

"CSE HTML Validator, that we use consistently during development, holds its own and, actually, outperforms against similar applications that cost hundreds of dollars more."
- Craig Thacker, CPRG Limited

"I just bought the standard edition. I owned the product several years ago and forgot how incredible it is. I've already found many errors in pages that Internet Explorer renders but Firefox doesn't. Thanks for your superb work!"
- Stillman Thomas, CSS HTML Validator User

"I used CSE HTML Validator to fix one site and move it from complete obscurity to rank number 11 out of 155,000,000 on google.com. I won't be disclosing any more info about the site concerned as there's no way I want my competitors getting anywhere near your product. Suffice to say that with 150,000,000 plus pages listed it's a very popular search term."
- David Paterson, CSS HTML Validator User

"I use CSE HTML Validator to keep all of my HTML code clean - and my clients notice!"
- Don Dinnerville, CSS HTML Validator User

"It is a rare joy to find a Windows program so thoroughly written and presented. This product has saved us months of bug-fixing and maintenance of our server-generated HTML, XHTML, CSS and WML pages. We have suspected for some time that Google and other search engines are getting tired of sites that do not validate or which contain spelling mistakes. Since using CSE HTML Validator, our search engine ratings have gone through the roof - there is bound to be a connection. In addition, we are now highly confident that our site looks identical in every one of the world's top browsers. Worth every penny."
- Mac MacLaren @ Lemonrock

"I recently launched http://www.foremansfinder.com/, an industrial directory website. Unfortunately I overlooked some of the basics when I was developing it because I was too worried about other things. When I tried to go back and find my mistakes it was near impossible to easily find them all. I tried several other solutions but they weren't the right fit for what I was trying to do. Thankfully CSE HTML Validator helped me greatly. I am so happy with the trial version that I am upgrading to the professional version. Thanks for providing this handy tool."
- Jack Foreman, CSS HTML Validator User

"I haven't paid for any search engine or directory listings since 2003. It's simply cheaper to buy CSE HTML Validator and follow the rules laid out in the program."
- Mary Allen, CSS HTML Validator User

"Greetings! I have always taken pride in my work building web sites. I've always checked my code several times to make sure that it is error free. When I checked my web pages with CSE HTML Validator, you wouldn't believe the errors that showed up. On two of my pages I forgot to close the pages with </body> and </html>. I couldn't believe I left that out. I'm sold on this product and would recommend this program to any body."
- Rick from Nova Scotia, Canada

"My site design would be a mess without your software."
- Captain Curtis Cartmell, The Salvation Army - Melfort, Canada

"I have always been very impressed with the lite edition. Being a totally blind website designer, it fills all my needs, just fine. I have always recommended your product to others, and have linked to your site from my own. Once again, many thanks for your help."
- Jon Nixey, an "extremely appreciative CSE lite user"

"I have always been keen to promote sites that work on all browsers, are search engine friendly and accessible for disabled people. CSE HTML Validator does all of these in one concise easy to use tool. Whilst there are free tools and sites out there which do a similar job, none are as thorough or as convenient. I manage the site http://www.siliconglen.com which has many articles on usability and comments on broken sites so it's especially important to me that my site is as bug free as possible and CSE HTML Validator helps me a great deal in this task. Many thanks for an excellent product."
- Craig Cockburn @ Silicon Glen, Scotland

"I've directed purchase of (at least) 5 licenses for my employer's use... and now, since I can't stand working without CSE, I am buying a second license for my laptop for the many times I have to work on the road."
- Walt Wheeler, CSS HTML Validator User

"I've ordered 6 professional edition licenses for my company (Wescoco LLC) since after many years, this is still the best tool on the market. It's a great product and gets better with every revision - I've been using it since v2 in 1996!"
- David Chamberlain, CTO of Wescoco LLC

"Thank you for such a great product, I recommend it to everyone I teach how to develop and maintain their own Website. Of all the programs I use, yours is the one that is indispensable to me!"
- Verlin Martin, CSS HTML Validator User

"I'm not very HTML literate, but improving thanks to your very good software. I tried four different programs. Yours was the easiest to use and had the most intuitive functionality and most features, by far."
- Kevin Crocombe @ 200words-a-day.com

"I just wanted to once again state that this is the "best software product" ever. It saves me so much time, thank-you again for writing and updating (very important) such a wonderful tool. I maintain 4 professional websites and use your program for all of them. It is the best money every spent on software because it isn't throw away software...it really works! Thank-you for the new 7.0 version."
- Diane Porter, CSS HTML Validator User

"I've been using CSE HTML Validator for several years, and it is easily the most useful tool that I use on a daily basis. For each of my SEO clients, I routinely check the validity of the code on their sites, to make sure the search engines have no problem processing it --I simply cannot imagine doing that by hand! Recently, I've been moving sites to XHTML; for that, the program has been absolutely invaluable."
- Marcel Feenstra @ AfterImage

"Thanks! This is a great program. It solved my problem that I don't think I would have EVER found on my own. It was a missing table end tag in a hugely complex document."
- Bill Waggoner, CSS HTML Validator User

"I've been looking for something that would take care of HTML validation and took a risk on your software having researched trying to get Open Source versions. I took the plunge and am thrilled with the results! I was going to hire someone to sit and push 600+ URLs into w3.org's online validator, then create a way of listing the pages by result. I paid my money and within 20 minutes had EXACTLY what I required. I have even tested some of your results against w3.org and your results matched. Well done!"
- Charles Parsons, CSS HTML Validator User

"I have been using CSE HTML Validator for about three years and I have to say it's really easy to use. I write Service Manuals and technical help pages for the company I work for and without the watchful eye of CSE HTML Validator, troubleshooting my code would take days instead of minutes. I can't thank you enough for what had to be long hard work at creating the CSE HTML Validator program. I recommend CSE HTML Validator to all serious and non-serious webmasters alike, and especially to those who create personal homepages. I also use CSE HTML Validator to proof read my coding for my eBay pages. I know for sure that without using CSE HTML Validator to check my eBay code there would be a lot of discouraged shoppers because of popup errors as they looked at my items for sale. I wish CSE HTML Validator was a secret because it makes me look like a professional HTML code writer."
- Jim Wetherhold, CSS HTML Validator User

"CSE HTML Validator is a very impressive product indeed. As a lecturer specializing in teaching Web design - including html and accessibility guidelines, this product is saving me hours in time assessing student web site projects. It even located some errors that I had missed in my own course materials (and no other validator had found) things like a hidden space character before a name in a mailto link - amazing. And to be able to check an entire site for html, CSS, accessibility compliance, spelling, links and structure in one pass is awe inspiring."
- Dr. Denise Wood, Senior Lecturer and Program Director (multimedia studies) & Magill Campus Director for MBIA and MBIC programs

"I have to thank you for developing such a great product! I had a monster of an ASP page where the HTML contained multiply-nested tables that were being built by numerous ASP functions. I was missing a closing table tag but couldn't pinpoint where because I was in an IE development environment. I loaded the HTML that was generated into CSE HTML Validator, and checked for errors. It pinpointed the unclosed tag on the first try and saved me hours of work picking through the code. Just the time it saved more than paid for the cost of the program. Although I'm using the standard edition, I'll definitely upgrade to the professional edition for the 7.00 release. Thanks again!"
- Adam J. Zwierko, CSS HTML Validator User

"I use CSE HTML Validator Pro, but started with the Lite edition and test with it for professional reasons. It is truly one of those freeware programs that you cannot afford to go without if you author web pages! If you don't write much HTML, do much text editing, or are financially challenged then NoteTab Light and CSE HTML Validator Lite make the perfect pair of web tools. Not too many years ago I would "test" my web sites by opening the pages in the top three browsers (at that time). I figured if they all looked good in them, then they must be right, wrong! Many appearance and loading problems are apparent when web pages are not validated. I thought that was the way the different browsers were and sometimes spent many hours trying to fix something. Once I validated my web pages the appearance and loading problems amazingly vanished; my pages looked reasonably the same in all the browsers. :-) There's still a few things that have to be worked around, but that's in advanced HTML code. Remember, all the latest versions of CSE HTML Validator work hand in hand with all versions of NoteTab from the Tool menu. There's no reason not to validate your web pages since it can be done for free!"
- Jody Adair @ Fookes Software

"Love your software- it has become an indispensable part of my development and site maintenance kit. XHTML and accessibility issues are very important to me. By the way, my latest site Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital was a breeze to validate using the Batch Wizard and now validates to a surprisingly high level."
- Brett Howard Kantor

And that is just the beginning... see the rest of the testimonials.