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These are more real testimonials that we have received from our customers.

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"Having now had a chance to put HTML Validator fully through its paces, I have begun to wonder how I ever managed without it. I have always preferred to code in a text based format since learning programming those many years before.

"I have written code in a multitude of languages from Assembler to C# and JAVA and Visual Basic to C for Windows along with HTML and JavaScript and so far I have never used a better, more intuitive editor before. Add to that the capability of validating my HTML and you have created what I feel to be the most useful piece of software I have ever owned.

"Hands down, CSE HTML Validator Pro has proven to be the single most useful piece of software in my inventory. In fact, I prefer it over any other editor on the market, especially over the WYSIWYG programs out there. I prefer to have full control over my coding environment and strongly believe that no program should add code to any program in any language, yet that is what you get with many other programs such as Microsoft FrontPage.

"Simply put, CSE HTML Validator is the only software you will ever need for coding a website. All your tools are close at hand and there is no need to worry about syntax and many other errors awaiting once you are done. You can validate your work as you proceed and see your errors immediately and be directed to the line(s) where the error(s) occurred.

"CSE HTML Validator has made working with my website a pleasure. It has reduced the number of steps I need to take while coding and I don't have to stop, save the work and switch applications in order to validate my work.

"I am working on a full website revision using CSE HTML Validator since I never realized all the little mistakes I have made, mainly out of bad habits picked up over the years. It has made me a better HTML programmer in that I have learned more about HTML 4.0 from your program than all the books out there, and I have become more of a detailed thinker."
- Stephen Mayne, CSS HTML Validator User

"This is the most excellent piece of software to be found! I've been using it for a while now and can't do without it. As a professional web designer I want my pages to validate and work in all browsers, but it's so easy to make a mistake here and there and CSE helps me find these mistakes and easily correct them. If you are in the business of making websites (for a living or private) you would be wise to buy this program! Besides the fact that the program is easy to use, the support that is given is more than perfect."
- Martin, CSS HTML Validator User in the Netherlands

"I had some specialist optimisation coding added to my site by a consultant. His coding was so bad the <noscript> text displayed in some browsers, though not IE which I suspect is all he looked at. He denied his code was at fault and basically wouldn't or couldn't help. CSE HTML Validator sorted it out and it now displays correctly on multiple browsers. It really is a useful program."
- CSS HTML Validator User

"I am most impressed by the quality of your e-mail technical support. We, in the UK, are so used to being left high and dry and ignored because we are overseas. Also, I am most impressed by your program. I only wish I had listened to advice and purchased it when I started in March 2004."
- Mick Ryan, CSS HTML Validator User in the UK

"Great job making CSE HTML Validator an easy and effortless application to upgrade. I wish many more companies would take lessons from you on how to make their programs easy to upgrade. I am proud to tell other web developers I use CSE HTML Validator for all my clients."
- Michael Gordon, CSS HTML Validator User

"I look after a few web sites and your validator is in regular use, not just as a validator, but as the only app that I do all my code writing in. I love it."
- Thomas Graeme, CSS HTML Validator User

"The money spent for the professional edition is well worth the expense for all the functionality provided and also for the fact that you actually listen and respond users' wants and needs. That puts you head and shoulders above all the other programs out on the market place. You care about providing a quality product and respond to customer wishes when possible. Your customer service is AAA!"
- Diane Porter, CSS HTML Validator User

"CSE HTML Validator Professional is a great product. I use WYSIWYG web editors (I don't know HTML, too busy to bother learning). Believe it or not, when I finish designing and updating my web pages, I have over 100 syntax errors. I cleaned them all up with CSE HTML Validator Pro. And guess what, my web site pages are located between the first and third pages of all the major search engines. Of course, my meta tags are also in line."
- Mary Allen, CSS HTML Validator User

"Let me start out with "I don't know you, but I love you man!". I have been on the phone with Verizon, Openwave, and LG trying to isolate a 1019: Compile error in my WML for over 3 days now with no luck and no hope in sight. In literally 30 minutes I had isolated the problems and was up in running because of your program. I can't thank you enough."
- Bruce Hodge, CSS HTML Validator User

"I love your product! I used to use FrontPage (FP) and hated how it always put Microsoft code in without me allowing it to do so... I absolutely love the control I have with your product! Don't ever change that!"
- Phil Robeson, CSS HTML Validator User

"Wow!! All the mistakes on my pages were astounding. I have a site which seemed to be OK until a week ago when I noticed "done, but with errors". I have spent the past five days trawling the net, trying to find the problem. Sometimes, I found sites stating the problem was JavaScript syntax errors or IE6 glitches, BUT I found no offers of a solution. Then I found your site. I am not in the realm of an IT expert and I am so pleased this company provides opportunities for people like me to work toward producing a reasonable web site."
- Lesley in Australia, CSS HTML Validator User

"I really like your program and thoroughly enjoy using it. In fact, every chance I get I pass along information about your program to anyone who needs help with HTML (unfortunately most people!). Every web site I maintain has a link to your program using one of your icons!"
- Paul Y., CSS HTML Validator User

"Your program sure has saved me a lot of eye straining maintenance work with a class full of 25 students all trying to learn raw code at the same time."
- Steve Massey-Crouch, Instructor of Computer Applications at Tompkins Cortland Community College

"I have to say thank you for such a great program. I currently use CSE HTML Validator Lite v3.50. I recommend it to everyone I can think of. Keep up the great work."
- John Redline, CSS HTML Validator User

"I've had web pages for my business on the Internet for the past four years and they have been VERY successful - 90% of them are on the first page of search engines. But I had been noticing that my results were inconsistent. When I came across a FREE test using CSE HTML Validator, I couldn't believe the hundreds of pages with HTML errors and I was horrified. It took me about 3 seconds to call Albert, get a quick overview, purchase the program and get to work. It took a few e-mails, but after I got the program up and running, the errors fell by the wayside like leaves in the fall and the HTML was clean as a whistle!!! Albert was even very generous with 1 or 2 personal phone calls (e-mail is the norm) and my pages get better by the day. In this day of corporate screwings and hype, Albert is a breath of fresh air. CSE HTML Validator will make your pages as close to perfection as is humanly possible."
- Alvah C. Luce of Al's Discount Heating

"I couldn't do web sites without it! I first used it in 2002 and the first thing it fixed meant my website was able to be found by search engines. I hand code my pages and work almost all the time in CSE HTML Validator. In 2003 I did a tech course where we had to build a website - the teacher wanted me to use Visual Interdev - but in the end I downloaded CSE HTML Validator Lite and used that instead - MUCH better for me! Other students picked up on the usefulness of CSE HTML Validator Lite too."
- "Streamer the Beagle", CSS HTML Validator User

"Your continued efforts to improve your already fine product are very much appreciated. I _could_ do my job without your software but I wouldn't like my work nearly as much as I do."
- David Lawrence, CSS HTML Validator User

"Fascinating how small developers can produce better quality products and give great response to the user community."
- Mark Blass, CSS HTML Validator User

"Thank you! This product is simply incredible! I'm a total beginner at web design but I've always tried to write valid code. I had checked and double checked everything both manually and with the W3C Validator and thought I had clean code... Nope. CSE HTML Validator Lite found many mistakes and helped to me make huge improvements. I will never put anything online again without first using CSE HTML Validator. Thanks again!"
- Pille Russi, CSS HTML Validator User

"I can honestly say there is absolutely no way I'd have found all the bugs, nesting errors and XHTML errors without your program, let alone the thousands of broken links. I've been using HTML for years and I've learnt more in the weeks fixing my website with your validator than all the books and courses I've attended. I owe you one!"
- Paul, Webmaster at Ackadia.com

"I added some custom code to the configuration which is such a nice option. Everybody's needs are different and the fact that CSE is so customizable makes it more appealing to a much broader audience. Our team of 11 developers is currently validating every page of our 1100+ page tool with CSE for section 508 and XHTML compliance. This is by far the best HTML/Section 508 validator I have ever used! It has saved us a tremendous amount of time."
- Tyler Muth, CSS HTML Validator User

"I'm doing a town website (as a pro bono volunteer) and consider CSE HTML Validator to be the most reliable means of avoiding dumb webmaster typos and Section 508 violations. Consider this yet another high endorsement!"
- Walt Wheeler, CSS HTML Validator User

"First of all let me say that I LOVE your product. Finally a product that takes away the hassle of designing standards-compliant pages that make heavy use of CSS! The layout (especially the split screen) and the alphabetized tags and selectors at the top are AWESOME! As you've noted, there are a lot of non-professional users who would like to learn how to write standards-compliant pages in an easy-to-use environment, and I think your product will fill that gap and will help encourage the widespread use of standards like XHTML."
- Matthew Browne, CSS HTML Validator User

"Validator is a truly remarkable tool. It has enormously improved my HTML—like a top-rate personal tutor."
- Donald B. McIntyre, CSS HTML Validator User

"I realize that the W3C validator is not what everyone wishes to utilize. Therefore, in all my many years of working in the field I have found one HTML Validator that runs circles around the rest, CSE HTML Validator."
- Lee Roberts, President/CEO of Rose Rock Design, Inc. (new window)

"I have been using HTML Validator for a couple of weeks now and am completely thrilled with its capabilities. I don't know how I ever did web development without it. Kudos to your team for creating a truly exceptional product."
- Scott W. Sadler, Cisco Systems

"Thanks for a great product - It has made such a difference to the web site I am working on - even the download times (which I found very surprising)."
- Jens von Bülow, CSS HTML Validator User all the way from Cape Town, South Africa

"A perfect tool with perfect support. My recommendation is for everyone to use it."
- Bernard Hulsman, CSS HTML Validator User

"I've always been a fan of your software, but we've only just convinced our boss to go ahead and buy us all (the web developers here) a copy of CSE Pro. It's basically come around now because of increased awareness of the WAI guidelines et. al. The accessibility guide is a key feature in your product. Even without exact conformance with the W3C, it still rocks - and it's still the best Windows client app to do the job."
- Ben Przystanski, CSS HTML Validator User

"I have 100+ webmasters within our sector of Northrop Grumman almost all of whom are using FrontPage as their editor. I have generally run CSE on most of the pages that were part of the site when it was originally posted. I have encouraged each of the webmasters to purchase your product since it is customizable to any level of experience, or at the very least to use the lite edition. Webmasters I know that have used the lite edition have always wanted the upgrade. I am also attempting to get my management to order a copy of CSE for each of my staff so that they can become proficient at running the product and helping the user. CSE HTML Validator is a great trouble-shooting tool."
- Michael Connly, Webmaster at Northrop Grumman Newport News

"I very rarely buy software I am as happy with as CSE."
- Jeff Otto, CSS HTML Validator User

"CSE HTML Validator has probably one of the best, most finely-tuned and logical interfaces I have ever seen. From a *programming* viewpoint it is *just plain gorgeous*."
- Jim Tonne, CSS HTML Validator User

"Before last week I thought that I had a pure site. My goodness how many mistakes were on my pages. I thought that when I did a "Clean up Html" in Dreamweaver 4 that my pages were clean-- Not so. Therefore, I am extremely pleased with your product."
- Ros Cox, Australia NSW

"Thanks for a great product! It has helped other staff and me improve our HTML code and our HTML coding... making us more productive in the process."
- Robert Dyball, Senior Web Developer at AAPT

"I am a web design instructor and we have a site license for CSE HTML Validator Professional. The students in my Advanced Web Design classes use the program a great deal. It is an extremely effective tool and the students like it very much. The integrated editor is a very useful tool. Before we loaded this program on the classroom computers I had the students work in Notepad and I had to answer every question pertaining to web code myself. Now that I let the students use this software I only have to answer the toughest questions. This software does the routine code checking for me!"
- Steve Massey-Crouch, Tompkins Cortland Community College

"I'm a developer of display/presentation layer technology at a major financial services company and insisted we use CSE HTML Validator in conjunction with HomeSite. Two great tools when combined and customized are a great tool in helping to produce valid, high quality, production ready code."
- Michael Guardabascio, CSS HTML Validator User

"This product has been a godsend to me. I am a graduate student and my final project for my degree is to write a website. CSE HTML Validator has proved invaluable in accomplishing this."
- Sara Lindberg, CSS HTML Validator User

"Great product. I have a support-the-standards attitude but don't obsess about having everything perfect. CSE HTML Validator is a great tool in helping me stay grounded in the specifications by providing a quick and easy way to spot-check my work."
- Jim Wilson, CSS HTML Validator User

"The best piece of software I ever bought! Indispensable for ASP generated HTML validation."
- Mark Ciapka, CSS HTML Validator User

"CSE HTML Validator just keeps getting better and better. I can't imagine anyone trying to design web pages without this incredible program. I recommend it to the newbies I teach as a basic tool, right along with their editor."
- Dr. Barbara Strand, Principal, MoonLake CyberSmiths (new window)

"I'm delighted that my HTML instructors recommended this validator. It's a gem."
- Catherine Kerr, CSS HTML Validator User

"I've used it for six years, a great tool for webmasters!"
- Philip L. Glatz, CSS HTML Validator User

"CSE HTML Validator Lite is truly impressive. I used it to analyze HTML documents and it found every little error! This program is ideal for both new and experienced users! Try it!"
- Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder™

"I just downloaded the free version and used it immediately. Already I can't say enough about this product! As soon as I have a few bucks ahead I absolutely will be upgrading, and recommending CSE HTML Validator products to everyone I know who makes web pages."
- Connie Srnka, CSS HTML Validator User

"I downloaded CSE HTML Validator Lite about two months ago and have used it ever since. It's absolutely delightful to use - and has options for everything you can think of (and a lot that you can't!). But in spite of the options, it can be used by amateurs like myself with the default values only. I have tried several other validators before and none comes near it for ease of use, flexibility, and thorough reliability. When I develop to the stage of needing the even more powerful edition, I won't bother to look elsewhere, as I'm confident this product will be of the highest standard also. Well done, and thanks."
- Phil Taylor, CSS HTML Validator User

"Long ago, I thought I had a good grasp on how to write HTML. But, after I registered CSE HTML Validator in 1997, I was amazed to see how much I did NOT know about it. For over 5 years, this great program has continued to improve and keeps teaching me more things I'll need to know. It has helped me to win hundreds of web design awards, including several considered the "World's Best". It's also helped me achieve many #1 search engine rankings for my clients. Without it, I'd probably be doing something else for a living! Thank you for an awesome program that changed my life."
- Bob Chapman, Award Winning Web Site Designs

"You have a great product and a very friendly and efficient customer support. Other companies should try to emulate the standards that you set."
- John Reynolds, CSS HTML Validator User

"I do my company's websites and I am not highly skilled in the art and science of writing any kind of code. I use FrontPage and HTML Validator ... and I never get e-mail that says 'Dear Webmaster, this or that doesn't work.' It is because of the validator software."
- C. Carlson, CSS HTML Validator User in Texas

"I just got done going through all my web pages with the validator. I usually use Aracnophilia for my pages, but I was impressed with your program. It is so much easier to see and fix problems."
- Mandy Hinson, CSS HTML Validator User

"Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc. [Scsi] makes regular use of the top-of-the-line "CSE HML Validator Professional Version" and unabashedly recommends it --- with the highest of praise --- for purchase and application by all serious Web site development, testing, quality assurance, and maintenance personnel. Besides all that, it's a great teaching and learning tool as well!"
- Raymond J. Sonoff, Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc.

"CSE HTML Validator really is the best program I have ever bought."
- Ray Roberts, CSS HTML Validator User in the United Kingdom

"CSE HTML Validator is one of the very few pieces of software that I use that is not open source or freeware. I like it that much and recommend it to everyone who asks me about HTML editing software."
- Michael Huettich, CSS HTML Validator User

"This is one of the most useful and awesome programs that I have ever used. I have thoroughly enjoyed using this program over the last two years. Keep up the great work!!!"
- James Barwick, CSS HTML Validator User

"I want to make it clear what a TERRIFIC tool you have. CSE HTML Validator has been indispensable in transitioning my on-line documentation to XHTML and streamlining the code, as well as teaching me many things about XHTML syntax."
- Philip Corriveau, CSS HTML Validator User

"In my spare time I am an active member of DigitalEve Toronto, supporting women involved in working with web technology. I currently manage their technology list. You can bet I will be trumpeting CSE HTML Validator there. Coming from the validating feature of Homesite, with which I thought I was satisfied, this product is astonishing."
- Rena Clamen, DigitalEve member

"I really love your HTML Validator. It has made my life much easier. It picks up the hideous little mistakes that drive one nuts. This application has saved me hours and hours."
- Douglas Hoyt, CSS HTML Validator User

"Not only do have a great product, you support it very well and cheerfully. That makes you almost unique in the software business."
- Ken Moore, CSS HTML Validator User

"Your program has enabled me to learn HTML easily and I thank you a BIG lot! I was a "technophobe", but I found your CSE and I never looked back! The program is just GreatMate!"
- Billie Taylor, Australia, CSS HTML Validator User

Here's something a little different than a typical testimonial. This user has found a great way to use CSE HTML Validator:
"We use CSE mostly as a HTML validator. It is run from our dynamic content pages server. Whenever a page template(script) has been changed, this server passes the generated output page through CSE. If CSE complains about something, then, the developer will receive the CSE validation report, instead of the page itself. If CSE doesn't complain, developer will receive the normal html page and the template will be marked as checked. It will pass again through CSE only if it has been changed. Otherwise, the template will be just expanded, that is, contents changed."
-Jose Adriano Baltieri - Systems Analyst at Methodist University of Piracicaba - Brazil

"I am a beginner and I use the validator every time I have a new page to check. When I started using it, I found out that I had been using wrong HTML for some time. Now I write correct HTML."
- Xian Jie, Singapore, CSS HTML Validator User

"First of all I want to say that this is the best HTML validator program that I've ever used. After downloading the Lite version, I removed all the others that I tried from my system - it is that good. Thank you. I'm trying the Pro 5.01, and candidly it just might be more than I can handle - very powerful."
- Steve Reynolds, CSS HTML Validator User

"I love your product, I use it every day."
- Angela, CSS HTML Validator User

"I am a web developer building dynamic content-managed websites. I can't count the hours CSE HTML Validator has saved me in debugging database-generated HTML. Most errors are found and fixed in minutes where previously it could take hours. Great product!"
- Guy Chapman, Changework Technologies Ltd (new window)

"Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I still am with CSE HTML Validator Pro and your update service. I wish more providers, especially the "big name guys", would take a look at the email you sent me and provide the ease of installation that you did. Updating to v5.0101 went seamlessly and painlessly."
- Ned Lore, CSS HTML Validator User

"I am writing to say how pleased I am with CSE HTML Validator. Errors inevitably creep into the pages I create and HTML Validator helps me find and fix them. Also, I find that HTML Validator helps considerably in achieving cross-browser compatibility and in my extensive use of style sheets."
- Chris Manvell, CSS HTML Validator User

"Your CSE HTML Validator is one of the most important tools I've got for ensuring the quality I demand for my work. As moderator of the group, I get you mentioned quite often on the biz.marketplace.web-design newsgroup."
- Chris Gunn, Moderator of biz.marketplace.web-design and CSS HTML Validator User

"For some time, I had been having peculiar problems once in awhile, but I was unable to pinpoint the source. Until I started to use this great product, of course. Within minutes I had swept away many unseen yet aggravating irregularities in my code. This is an amazingly versatile tool, completely flexible to all my needs. I recommend highly for any web designer worth his salt. As the interest in the Internet explodes, it has become a super-human task trying to keep abreast of all multi-browser features and/or limitations. This product really saves the day in that regard. Go out and buy it!"
- Kiffin Rex Gish, Cyber-Gish

"Wow... when I bought it, I wasn't even aware of the templates feature! But I'd been wishing my previous editor (FP2K) could do that. What a great timesaver! As for the validator itself, I'm very, very impressed with it. The messages are detailed and helpful, and it catches everything. This is A+ software. Oh, and the editor, previewer, and navigator are very useful too. Every webmaster should use this program. I've dumped Frontpage, and with your tool, I'm not going back to WYSIWYG!"
- Stephen McKeown, CSS HTML Validator User

"Keep up the good work, your software has kept my grades in the high 90's since I started using it."
- Sam Jay, CSS HTML Validator User

"About a month ago, one of our clients challenged me that they noticed that I've been recommending HTML Validator for a VERY long time--- many years. He wanted to know if perhaps I was just not keeping up with things: "surely in all this time many new and more advanced tools have come out?" I was pleased to assure him, and all our clients, that I do, indeed, keep up with the 'cutting edge' of this rapidly-changing industry and have no qualms about switching allegiances when a better mousetrap comes along, and that HTML Validator remains my validation tool of choice, bar none! The addition in 5.0 of the CSS syntax checker is exactly what I would have put on my wish list, and I'll gladly recommend the upgrade!"
- DocB (Dr. Barbara Strand), Psych/Consult Systems (new window), MoonLake CyberSmiths (new window)

"I have been a user of CSE HTML Validator since 1998, and frankly, I didn't think you could improve on version 4.5. You've proved me wrong... CSE HTML Validator v5.00 has found a number of syntax errors in the HTML of a number of my pages. As a result, you've caused a lot of work for me, but the effort is certainly worth the time. Presenting a site that is error free is directly attributed to the excellence of CSE HTML Validator Professional.

"Since 1998, I've had only a few occasions to contact technical support. Your responses were rapid, clear, and directly to the point. Thank you for a great product. Your continued excellence in developing a great product and your outstanding support are greatly appreciated. Your software surely will not become shelf-ware."
- Phil, CSS HTML Validator User

"Thanks for your continued fantastic efforts for making this such a great program. I have relied on it heavily for several years now, using it every single day with HomeSite with my web design business. I appreciate having this program to use, and it's a major help with maintaining the quality of my work. Once I validate my pages with CSE, I then run it through the W3's validator as a final run, as I'm a W3C and Web Standards Project supporter (and advocate). It's a great combination. Thanks again."
- Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns

"Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate the excellent support. I have used CSE for all my web sites and in assisting other web authors in debugging their web pages. I have enjoyed the ease and accuracy so much that I would have been agreeable to purchasing the latest version to check my CSS code."
- Michael Gordon, CSS HTML Validator User

"Thanks for the validator. It has saved me a lot of time since I first started using it (a significant portion of the work I do is cleaning up sites that are developed by others -- most of whom wouldn't know why code validation might be useful, if they had ever heard of the concept). I wish the browser giants were as attentive to the use and generation of proper HTML code as your tool."
- Larry Wahl, CSS HTML Validator User in Vancouver BC

"I love HTML validator. The 15 or so hours I've spent with it saved hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of browser QA, support email, etc."
- Brooks Talley, CSS HTML Validator User

"I did want to take a moment to thank you for an exceptional product, and for making the basic version freely available. I frequently recommend CSE HTML Validator and display your logo on my personal home pages. Thanks again."
- Steve Cerruti, CSS HTML Validator User

"I really like how HTML Validator works, it's the best I've seen so far. Instead of just nagging, it makes validation a positive thing by actually suggesting how to correct the errors. Also, the different severity classes are very good - it lets you prioritize the clean-up. As such, the document highlighting works great. To top it off it even integrates with Textpad (new window)."
- Jørgen Sundvor Smith, Analyst/Programmer, ANZ eCommerce Centre

"I teach a series of web publishing courses for the University of California at San Diego Information Technologies extension program and your tool is awesome!!!"
- Diane Cunnigham, Instructor, Web Publishing at the University of California at San Diego

"If you aren't using CSE to validate your pages before deploying them then you are making a huge mistake. On my development team no page is deployed until it validates through CSE with zero errors, period. There are no exceptions to this policy. That's how important CSE is to us."
- Zack Jones, CSS HTML Validator User

"We integrate our computer memory search engine into our clients' web sites. This is basically taking our search engine and wrapping our clients' HTML look and feel around it. We were getting into a lot of finger pointing when a web browser would not display something or displayed it wrong. We did not know if it was our HTML or their HTML. We would blame them and they would blame us. In addition, they would try a browser or operating system we don't have. We decided instead of testing all of these browsers and operating systems, we would just make the HTML valid (what a concept). In about a week we will have our code valid by using your HTML validation tool. I would like to get on the Commission Junction program. That way we can tell other people that their site is not valid and how we came up with that.

"On a side note, A BIG PLUS WITH THE PROGRAM IS THE INTEGRATED WEB BROWSER. This browser is becoming my default browser. I like surfing web sites and validating their code, and there are a boat load of invalid web sites."
- Guy Boicey, Internet Engineer

"This is an amazingly good tool for any and all web designers. I am the QA manager for a web design firm and this tool is my premier QA testing tool. If the 4.51 version truly includes better link checking I will finally be able to drop Microsoft's Content Analyzer for good."
- Aaron Conklin, Manager - Internal QA at Idea Integration

"I upgraded and am absolutely DELIGHTED with CSE v4.50. It's much easier to configure, the messages make sense, and the validation itself is superb. I love being able to make corrections in the same program as the validator. What a great product!"
- Marcia Purse, President - Echo's WebMagic, Ltd.

"I use CSE HTML Validator Lite to check my auction ads and it has saved me dozens of hours of frustration. In another month or so, I'll be sitting down to design my first web site and DEFINITELY plan to use this program (or the professional version) to be sure my customers have a good experience. CSE HTML Validator Lite has been a lifesaver for me!"
- CSS HTML Validator User

"Maintaining the over 600 pages that make up Piano World is a challenging job for one person. HTML Validator has saved me from going crazy many times! I'm also an Ecommerce/Internet specialist with a major publishing company. We recently contracted an outside vendor for a big project. I was complaining that I didn't think their code was up to our standards. Nobody wanted to listen until I showed them the 286 errors HTML Validator found IN ONE FILE! Thanks for a great product, keep up the good work."
- Frank Baxter, Webmaster

"I often use CSE HTML Validator in my work to monitor and check the work done by contractors to my office web site as well as by a technical assistant for training students taking web development courses. CSE HTML Validator helps to point out the errors and suggests ways to resolve the errors."
- Sharon Kennedy, dcmdva-arts.org

"A must for all professional HTML developers!"
- Marco De Luca, DeLucaMarketing Switzerland

"The easiest way to make your code work on various versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape AND Opera, without exhaustive testing and tweaking. You would be amazed at how many errors it will find in HTML that you think is perfect and how quirks go away after you make its suggested cleanups. Furthermore, they have added features for me, sometimes overnight, when I discovered yet another way to muck up my HTML. You rarely get service like that."
- Roedy Green, CSS HTML Validator User

"I've been using CSE HTML Validator since version 2.0. It's kept me from making some really bad mistakes, and it reduces my work tremendously (I write both personal and professional pages as well as a few commercial pages). I really appreciate the flexibility to tell it what to look for and what to warn me about."
- Paul Schmehl, University of Texas at Dallas

"I am currently learning to use XHTML and after downloading and installing your trial version of CSE HTML Validator, I feel as though it is a must have for anyone who is building a web site."
- Doug Vansanford, CSS HTML Validator User

"Used it every day since spring 1997 - wouldn't be without it! When I deliver a page that has been proofed with HTML Validator, I feel very confident."
- B. Meldgaard, Senior Webmaster

"I use CSE HTML Validator to validate a lot of ColdFusion documents. Not only does it discover errors that ColdFusion Studio misses but it's very easy to correct them."
- Darryl Staflund, CSS HTML Validator User

"CSE HTML Validator is quite simply the most useful tool that a web designer could wish for. It's saved my skin more times than I care to mention."
- Simon Whitaker, Eskimo New Media

"CSE is a very versatile tool. You can use it in several different ways. Our way is to run it integrated to our "dynamic content pages server". Whenever it detects that a page template has been changed, it runs CSE (after content substitution) to check the page. Doing it like that ensures us to keep our pages syntactically correct. As it is integrated into the server, not even a single page will pass without validation. But, prepare yourself. You?ll be amazed with the amount of errors you?ll find out!"
- Jose Adriano Baltieri / UNIMEP / Piracicaba / Brazil

"I first used HTML Validator several years ago when I had an error in a page of rather complicated html. It was one of those errors that IE ignored but that caused Netscape to blank. I had worked for hours trying to find it even to the point of writing a program to parse the page and hunt missing end table tags which is what I thought I was hunting. HTML Validator found the problem easily on my first pass.

"Back then I was so poor I had to really justify a tool before I could buy it. HTML Validator has saved me (and my clients) sufficient time to have paid for itself many times over."
- Terry Fritts, Smart Business Solutions, Inc.

"No HTML page goes on the Internet before having been checked with HTML Validator. It's the best validator there is. Period."
- Yves Levesque, CSS HTML Validator User

"I've been using your validator for several years now and would be lost without it. Most of my work is in doing personal pages and assisting students in finding errors and writing cleaner markup in an online community college HTML class (I'm a teaching assistant). The validator cuts hours from my work."
- Tom McGovern, Teaching Assistant

"HTML Validator is a godsend! As a graphics artist who is moving into back-end development, I have found CSE HTML Validator invaluable in my transition from WYSIWYG development to hand-coding."
- Jocelyn Brown, Discovery Consulting

"CSE HTML Validator has been in my personal toolbox for over 3 years and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about web development to make it an integral part of their web development efforts."
- Gary Krajci, Roaring Fork Software

"HTML Validator is without doubt the single most important tool in the professional web developer's toolbox. Essential."
- David Waterston - CSS HTML Validator User

"I checked all my web pages with CSE HTML Validator and I found many mistakes which I knew nothing about before. I have been using it for about 2 years now and I am very satisfied with it."
- Henning Kullak-Ublick - CSS HTML Validator User

"I have been designing and maintaining a number of commercial and pro-bono web sites for more than 10 years. I have used CSE HTML Validator Professional exclusively to validate my pages, and it has saved me from dumb errors - and some educated errors - every time I have run it. I consider it a valuable necessity."
- Allan J. Ontko - CSS HTML Validator User

"HTML Validator is a great tool and I highly recommend it to anyone that is wanting to get away from a visual editor and try hand coding."
- Don Ketelle - CSS HTML Validator User

"This program is by far the most reliable, the most thorough I have encountered in the web design field. Albert is very fast at updating any bugs that may be found and is very knowledgeable about his product."
- Brad Halstead - CSS HTML Validator User

"I can't imagine life as a webmaster without CSE; I'm always being asked by users why their pages don't look right, and this tool saves me countless hours of frustration."
- Phil Glatz - CSS HTML Validator User

"I tried the trial version and it's wonderful... too wonderful! Do you know how much fixing I have to do now because I was blissfully ignorant before? :)"
- Bonnie Rose - CSS HTML Validator User

"I manage our corporate web site as well as our intranet sites, and I can confidently say that without CSE HTML Validator Professional I would be spending several days a month sorting out bugs in our pages. With CSE HTML Validator I can let any member of staff update their own web pages in any package, safe in the knowledge that I can clean up their mistakes in no time. Not only that but with the follow links option in the Batch Wizard I can check an entire site in minutes just before releasing any changes. We use CSE HTML Validator in our outsourced web solutions too, and some of our clients now insist on it! On top of that CSE HTML Validator has taught me a few things about HTML too! I've never seen a more complete and easy to use implementation of the W3C standards for HTML and more. With fantastic support, updates and new features all the time, I highly recommend that you introduce CSE HTML Validator to your company."
- Julian Followell - Internet Products Manager

"Your tool is wonderful. It is a teaching tool as well as a quality control and quality assurance tool. Technical support is the best I have experienced."
- Fredric A. Clark - Success Research Consultants, Inc.

"I congratulate you for producing such a good little program. Error messages which left me baffled with the formidable Dr. Watson, HTML Kit's and 1st Page 2000's "TIDY", and such one-shot test shops as Net Mechanic, were perfectly clear in CSE Lite 2.01. I no longer dread the validating process."
- Robert C. Smith - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"This is an awesome product, and I am really really happy to be joining the ranks of your true supporters. I do a lot of HTML work, and as far as I'm concerned, on a Wintel platform, the combination of TextPad + HTML Validator + Linkbot, is the only way to go, hard-core development wise."
- Paul Harm - Web Developer, Off the Page Productions

"Thanks again and thanks for a wonderful product that I honestly couldn't (or wouldn't want to) live without nowadays! I think this program saves me more time than any other I use."
- Holly Ryder - CSS HTML Validator User since 1998

"In addition to doing contract web work, I teach XHTML, JavaScript, and Java at Hennepin Technical College in suburban Minneapolis, MN. I've told my students repeatedly that I will run their homework through your validator and points will be deducted for errors. I've told them they NEED your software if they plan to do web design (the Lite version doesn't validate XHTML yet, as you know). Well, I'm grading again and so many just don't get the message! Why do it wrong when such a small price means you can do it right? Please keep up the great work!"
- Alan Kelsey - instructor at Hennepin Technical College

"This is an outstanding product with tremendous bang for the buck. E-Wiz, Inc. has used it to demonstrate many issues to clients about their sites (generates business!), and has gained interesting knowledge points about some of the finer aspects of clean HTML. Thanks."
- Jim Shimota - VP Technology, E-Wiz, Inc.

"I have used CSE HTML Validator for close to two years and will continue to use it as long as I develop web sites. With the exception of removing program flag #10, I have always trusted the default settings to validate my HTML. I truly believe this to be a product that does what it is suppose to do, ensures HTML standards. Support by the developer is not only outstanding, but also reflects the "I CARE" attitude."
- Wayne K. Woytowich - CSS HTML Validator User

"Just taking a moment to say thank you for a fine product. I am just now getting started with v4.0 after using v3.0 for the longest time. I appreciate fine work. I use NoteTab Pro 4.81 and my work just gets better and better with your help. You have made learning much easier."
- David Brown - WebMaster-Site Admin

"HTML Validator catches all those little things I have overlooked in the fury of development. It keeps my HTML/CFML clean and reminds me of improvements to my code. It's awesome!"
- Scott Knaub - CSS HTML Validator User

"I have used CSE HTML Validator for many years, and am totally satisfied with the program. It has kept the company and pro-bono web sites I have authored trouble-free, and done it in an intuitive and easy-to-use way. I wouldn't think of uploading a web page without running it first through CSE HTML Validator!"
- Allan J. Ontko - President, Ontko Pipe Organs, Inc.

"I have been using CSE HTML Validator for several years. It has always been an invaluable tool. Since the release of Version 4.0 with its integrated editor, I have stopped using my previous HTML editor and now use CSE exclusively for my web authoring. This product is going from strength to strength. I LOVE IT!"
- John Hayes - CSS HTML Validator User

"One of the three tools I don't want to miss on my machine is your CSE Validator!"
- Kurt Trinko - CSS HTML Validator User

"I've lost count of the number of times CSE HTML Validator has caught subtle mistakes that simply stop some browsers in their tracks. It is also great for catching cross-platform idiosyncrasies. It's the greatest support tool in my inventory, bar none!"
- Brian J. Bartlett - PearTree Associates

"CSE HTML Validator should be a requirement before you can put a page on the Web. The only way you can hope to get a page to work in all the different browsers out there is to put it out there with valid HTML. CSE HTML Validator lets you do that before the page hits the Web."
- Al Hulsebosch - CSS HTML Validator User

"As Webmaster for BIZynet Inc, I've got over 300 pages to maintain and the number is growing fast. We are an Internet provider for business people all over the World and we can't afford to have busted pages. CSE Validator is a major asset in helping with that. It's also very handy when helping folks as moderator of the biz.marketplace.web-design newsgroup."
- Chris Gunn - Moderator of biz.general, biz.marketplace.discussion, biz.healthcare, biz.marketplace.web-design, biz.marketplace.international & others

"I thought I was writing "clean code". My HotDog Pro editor catches "wrong code" errors, but does not catch such things as nesting errors or unmatched start and end tags. In todays "don't care how big or sluggish" programs are, it is refreshing to find a fast, accurate, well crafted, and very configurable program."
- Ken Moore - CSS HTML Validator User

"CSE HTML Validator is a marvellous, truly functional tool that allows EASY use and auto-correction which novices like myself can readily employ in the preparation of HTML pages. I have even learned a lot of HTML in the last six weeks, since I just began my venture into the creation of Web Pages (my own). I am sure that CSE HTML Validator is well worth the buy even for highly knowledgeable professionals. Therefore, THANKS for your EXCELLENT program, your friendly and amiable business manner, and the simplicity in getting such an enhancing tool!"
- meister_z jzrAardvark - CSS HTML Validator User

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for a marvellous program. Worth every penny, and such a comfort!"
- Lesley Dickinson, Manager of lawnbowls.com

"I have tried a number of validators. On a dollar for value basis, yours knocks the socks off them all."
- David Hanger, Editor of Travel-South-Pacific.co.nz

"I was stunned to find out how backward my HTML is. Your program pointed out that I was in the dark ages in some cases!"
- Dave McKeen, CSS HTML Validator User

"I am so pleased to have found your product. I have always endeavored to make sure my HTML was standard. HTML Validator did not find too many errors on my home page, but it did find quite a few on other pages that I would never have detected. I feel very confident that HTML Validator will uncover coding errors that I overlook. Whether it's a single page or a batch of pages, HTML Validator makes checking a real dream."
- Graham Goater, ICT Training Consultant

"I have registered your CSE Validation tool, and I'm quite impressed by it. It's certainly the cream of the crop when it comes to running through our site."
- Marc Marcuse, Software Test Engineer, Microsoft

"I have tried quite a few of the HTML packages available on the market today, from Front Page Express to ColdFusion, from FREE to High Priced editors, none of their built in validators even come close to the quality or thoroughness of CSE. Thank you for an excellent tool for my web design toolbox."
- Brad Halstead, CSS HTML Validator User

"Bottom Line: The most advanced HTML Validator on the market!"
- Marco Gransee, SnapFiles.com

"CSE HTML Validator has proven to be amazingly useful, even after I challenged myself to weed out my errors before giving the validator a look."
- Micheal Hotchkin, CSS HTML Validator User

"Since I have purchased CSE, I have been going over my web pages at my leisure. I am very glad that I registered CSE! It really does a very thorough job and helps one better understand HTML."
- Mike Grieff, CSS HTML Validator User

"A brilliant product that quite literally saves me hours a week! Thank you!"
- Mark Gibbons, CSS HTML Validator User

"It's typically important to get HTML documents edited and uploaded with as quickly as possible. Outdated information doesn't do anybody any good. But, after rushing through some minor changes, have you ever encountered an HTML file that just wasn't "working" anymore? And you've inserted so much code that it's darn near impossible to figure out what you forgot to do? Check out the latest version of CSE HTML Validator--the BEST HTML syntax checker available online (and off). If a page works in IE, but not in NS, it could be because of incorrect code. Even "expert" coders shouldn't be without this tool. It never hurts to double check your stuff before showing it to the world. It's quick, easy, and most importantly: a time saver!"
- Chris Pirillo, Lockergnome Publisher

"Kudos are due to you for this wonderful program. No more sweating over HTML documents! This is one of the few applications that cause one to say "Why didn't I think of that?"
- Jim Hendricks, Software Reviewer

"Using the validator has improved my coding 10 fold."
- Keith Pattison, CSS HTML Validator User

"I have been using Homesite 3.01 for about 6 months and have made extensive use of the [CSE HTML] Validator that came with it. I just downloaded an evaluation copy of Homesite 4.0 and when I tried to use the Validator that came with it I was dumbfounded at the results.

"I am a Teaching Assistant at an online university [ZDU] in a class that teaches basic HTML. My duties are to view student web pages and to critique and correct their code. I have come to depend on CSE HTML Validator to help me in this task, and when I saw the new validator in HomeSite 4.0 I despaired that I wouldn't have this valuable tool if I upgraded. Now that I know I can get CSE HTML Validator, I am comfortable with the upgrade. If I hadn't found out about it, I might not have chosen to do the upgrade even though HomeSite 4.0 has many features that would make my life easier. I find CSE HTML Validator to be an indispensable tool in my work as a Teaching Assistant and as a Webmaster. Thank you for a great product."
- Jerry S. Millard, Teaching Assistant and Webmaster

"I have been using HTML Validator for almost 18 months now and I must say it is one of the applications that I can't live without. I use it on every one of the 20 domains that I administrate as a webmaster. I have tried to use the online validators but they often return with the result from other URL's. Once I made a test and the validator came back with the result from a page on a university in southern Sweden. That was when I decided to get your application."
- Olle Dahlquist, Webmaster

"This is really a useful program - the sad thing is I wish I'd discovered it months ago! It has highlighted quite a few (ok lots) of poor HTML that I now need to fix."
- Chris Lawley, CSS HTML Validator User

"I tried your software today and withing 30 minutes I had decided to register it. As the Webmaster for All About Pianos! I have created over 300 interlinked pages. Until I tried your software I thought I was writing good clean code. Looks like I have some homework to do now! After using your wonderful software I would like to share it with our visitors. As a result of having cleaner code, our pages load faster and I honestly believe it has helped our search engine rankings (they really don't like messy html). This is "must-have" software for anyone who is creating web sites."
- Frank Baxter, All About Pianos!

"I recently download and registered a copy of CSE HTML Validator v2.55 and wish to commend you on a fantastic product. Installation was a snap and I was amazed at how fast the program executed. I have acquired a considerable collection of shelf-ware and I'm pleased to inform you that your product will certainly not become a part of my shelf-ware collection. Thanks for developing a great product."
- Philip T. DeRiggi, CSS HTML Validator User

"CSE HTML Validator is probably the best software investment I have made -- I am a webmaster maintaining all web pages accessible through our home page at http://bbean.com/bb/. I have used some software including Microsoft Office 97 and QuarterDeck's Web Designer software before, but once I put the documents created by these programs through CSE I found them rife with problems. Indeed, many times I had received queries from visitors who could not view our pages -- these queries have virtually vanished!"
- Gary Mohr, BlackBean Communications Ltd.

"I was absolutely AMAZED at how many problems it found with my HTML. Even though all of my screens displayed correctly under Netscape, the program [CSE HTML Validator] still found problems. These problems didn't seem to cause any problems with Netscape, but after making changes to correct everything, the users with old copies of Spry Mosaic and the Lynx text browser were able to navigate through everything. Netscape SEEMS to load the pages faster now - I'm not sure if this is my imagination or because there's less 'cleanup' work for it to do."
- Michael Dyer, Merisel Latin America, Inc.

"Thanks for a great program. A lot of large commercial sites should be using your program."
- Henrik Gemal, Tele Danmark Internet