CSE HTML Validator Std/Pro v7.00 BETA 1 Documentation

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Using the Tools

To use one of these tools, simply select the tool you wish to use from the Tools Menu. For most tools, HTML Validator will use the currently selected document in the editor as the source document for the tool. For other tools, such as the Convert Text File Format Tool, HTML Validator will prompt you for the document that you wish to process with the selected tool. Enter the filename of the document to process and press the Open button in the dialog box. HTML Validator will then rename the selected file with a ".bak" extension and replace the original filename with the processed file. The ".bak" file will be automatically deleted if the Tools leave .bak files on disk options in the Validator Engine Options, Tools tab is not checked.

Multiple files can be quickly processed with a tool using the Drag and Drop Window. To view this window, use the menu option Drag and Drop->View Drag and Drop Window. Use the Drag and Drop Default Tool Select Dialog Box to select what tool to use and then drag and drop the files that you want to process onto the Drag and Drop Window. For example, select the files (one or more) that you want to process in Windows Explorer and then drag and drop them onto the Drag and Drop Window. You can drop many files at once onto the Drag and Drop Window.

If you are using the professional edition, then you can also use the Batch Wizard to easily process multiple files with a tool. CSE HTML Validator Professional also supports a Link Check tool that allows you to easily check the links of a web site.

NOTE: All tools should work on Unix and Macintosh files as well as MS-DOS text files, however, they will all produce an MS-DOS file that can then be converted to another type if necessary.

[ Table of Contents ]