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Why Validate Your Web Pages?

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There are many reasons to write valid HTML & CSS, and to check for broken links. Here are some of them:

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have become very popular, and many people may be viewing your website on a mobile device. Any HTML or CSS problems could be especially harmful for viewers using browsers on mobile devices, so this is another great reason to validate your web documents.

Variety of Browsers

Today there's a wide variety of browsers that may be used to view your site. To cater to this variety, a developer should build sites that work well in all the major browsers. This might include Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and a multitude of mobile browsers. Making sure that the HTML & CSS is correct is the first step in making sure that a site will display correctly in multiple browsers on multiple platforms.

Different Rendering Engines

Different browsers use different rendering engines so tricks used to make HTML render as desired in one browser may not work in another browser or even in an earlier or later version of the same browser. Fortunately, browsers today are driving toward standards-compliance, and proprietary and obsolete elements (like "layer" and "ilayer") and CSS properties are being dropped (if they haven't been already). So what can be done to make sure that your pages render properly in different browsers and different versions of the same browser?

The best way to ensure that web pages render properly in web browsers is to write (or generate) valid and standards-compliant HTML & CSS in the first place. Problems that visitors have when they view pages with different browsers may often be due to bad HTML & CSS and not an issue with the browser. Furthermore, some browsers can be less forgiving of bad HTML & CSS than other browsers, so don't rely on all browsers to "tolerate" a bad website. It's best to write it right the first time.

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CSS HTML Validator for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and Mac is designed to be a powerful tool to find website problems in the fastest and easiest way possible. It makes the critically important duty of checking your web pages as productive and thorough as possible, and its customization features are unmatched.

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