PHP Script Checking with CSE HTML Validator

CSE HTML Validator Box

CSE HTML Validator Standard and above can integrate with PHP's syntax checker for easy PHP script syntax checking. Simply download & install PHP and then point CSE HTML Validator to it.

You can also use CSE HTML Validator to check the HTML output of your PHP scripts.

  1. Download CSE HTML Validator Standard or above and install (the free trial will work).
  2. Download the PHP Windows binary files (not the source). We recommend downloading the ZIP file and then extracting it to a folder like c:\PHP or C:\Program Files\PHP\php.exe. Either the "thread safe" or "non thread safe" download options should work.
  3. Load CSE HTML Validator and go to Options->Validator Engine Options and the PHP Checker Page. Make sure the option to enable PHP syntax messages is checked, and the path to php.exe is set correctly to something like C:\PHP\php.exe.
  4. In CSE HTML Validator, load your PHP document (or HTML, CSS, etc) and press F6 to check it. The results should appear in the Results Window at the bottom of the window.
  5. You can also use the integrated web browser (in browse mode) to check the HTML output of PHP scripts.

PHP Script Checker Screen Shots

PHP Script Checking example screenshot in CSE HTML Validator

The validation results, which include the PHP syntax check, are shown at the bottom of the window in the Results Window. Notice the PHP syntax error for the double right parenthesis in the echo() function. Validator messages from the PHP syntax checker begin with "[PHP]".

Validator Engine Options - PHP Checker Page

The PHP Checker options page in the Validator Engine Options of CSE HTML Validator.