Search Engine Optimization with CSE HTML Validator

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The standard, professional, and enterprise editions of CSE HTML Validator include search engine optimization (SEO) tips and analysis when this option is enabled in the Validator Engine Options.

Keep reading to learn how to take advantage of the features that can help you improve your website's search engine rankings.

Keyword Density Message

CSE HTML Validator (standard edition and above) can generate a message with a page's keyword density. The keyword density message can be used to help optimize a web page for certain keywords and related themes and phrases. This will make it more likely that the page appears in the search results (and appears higher) when the keywords or related phrases are used in a search. However, be sure not to "over-optimize" (unnaturally use too many keywords) or search engines may penalize your website.

Link Checker

Use the link checker in CSE HTML Validator periodically to check for moved or broken links on your pages. This is important because over time links can change, move or break. Search engines may penalize websites that contain broken links or aren't kept up to date.

Spell Checker

Use the spell checker in CSE HTML Validator to check your website for misspelled words which can give a bad impression to your visitors, cause a loss of trust, increase your website's bounce rate, and even affect search engine rankings. This is because a lot of misspelled words can signal a low quality site. Make sure your website's grammar is correct as well.

SEO Tips

Below are some SEO tips that are generated by CSE HTML Validator (if enabled). Note that some tips may be debated by SEO experts. Only the engineers behind the search engine algorithms can truly know all the details of how pages are ranked. Furthermore, the algorithms are constantly changing so what may be important advice one day may be useless or less relevant the next day.