Update Your Email Address

important spam informationIMPORTANT SPAM INFO: Make sure that any spam filters you're using accept mail from our servers (mail is sent from the htmlvalidator.com domain). Contact your email service provider if you need assistance.

Your email address is important! If it changes from what is recorded in our database, then let us know so you'll continue to receive important email from us, including your registration information if you ever need it resent.

To update your email address, you'll need to fill out only one of the following two forms.

If you believe that there may be problems with your request, then please contact us.

Automatic Email Update Form
Use this form if you know your beginning registration number and your registration PIN number.
Use the Manual Email Update Form (below) if you don't know it.
All information on this form is required.

Your registration number (not your key):
Your registration PIN number (not your key):
Your new email address that you want to be in the database:

NOTE: Please use the below manual form only if you cannot use the above form to update your email address. Normally, a manual email update request will be completed within 48 US business day hours.

Manual Email Update Form
Use this form only if you can't use the Automatic Email Update Form (above).
Processing will not be immediate with this form.

Your old email address that is currently in the database: (or u@u.com if unknown)
Your new email address that you want to be in the database:
Your current registration name:
Verification information, such as your street address and telephone number (required):
Comments (optional):