Configuration Editor (tick_24Pro, cross_24Std, cross_24Lite)

The Configuration Editor is included in the professional edition. It allows you to specify your own tags, attributes, attribute values, character references, as well as create new tag name programs and edit other ones. The Configuration Editor may be confusing to use at first, but will become easier to use once you become more familiar with it and understand how it functions.

See the child topics for more information on using each tab of the Configuration Editor.


Push Buttons

Close - Close the Configuration Editor.

Load Config - Load a new configuration file over the current one. If the current configuration has changed and has not been saved, then you are asked if you want to load a new configuration file over the currently unsaved one.

Save Config - Save the current configuration without asking for the filename.

Save Config As - Save the current configuration to a file that you will be asked to specify.

Set As Default - Set the currently loaded configuration file as the default configuration file to load when CSE HTML Validator is started.

Help - Display help for the Configuration Editor.