Import/Export Options
(tick_24Pro, tick_24Std, cross_24Lite)

The Import/Export menu options contained in the Options menu at the bottom left corner of the Validator Engine Options allow you to easily import and export validator engine options to and from files. By default, these files use the veo extension (*.veo). Only validation options affecting validation results are exported. This includes most or all options in most option pages, but does not include most or all options in the following pages: Classic, HTTP Proxy, Logging, Sound, and Tools.

Use the import/export functions to have multiple sets of validator engine options when working with multiple documents or projects that have different validation requirements. You can also use these functions to back-up the options or to share the same validator engine options with others.

An export options file can also be passed as an argument to the command line processor.

Exporting and Importing Options

To export the validator engine options to a file, choose Options->Export Settings to File and then choose a filename to export the options to.

To import the validator engine options from a file, choose Options->Import Settings from File and then choose the filename to import the options from.

Options->Export Options

Export Options->Include Default Configuration File - Check this option to export the default configuration file option (in the General Tab). Use this to tie the validator engine options to a specific configuration file if you are using more than one configuration file (this is uncommon). By checking Export Options->Auto Load Config File as well, the new configuration file will be loaded without prompting the user when the options are imported and the OK button is pressed to close the Validator Engine Options. This option is not enabled by default.

Export Options->Include Message ID Config - Check this option to export the current message ID configuration. The message ID configuration controls if (or with what message type) some validator messages are displayed based on user defined preferences. This option is enabled by default.

Other Options

Reset Message ID Configuration - Select this option to reset/remove any message ID options and settings. The message ID feature is used when you disable an individual validator message or you change a message type from error to warning by right-clicking on a validator message in the editor's Results Window and then choosing an option from the Message Options menu. If you reset the message ID configuration, then any messages disabled using the message ID featured will be re-enabled and any messages whose message type has been changed using the message ID feature will revert back to their default message type. A confirmation prompt will ask you if you are sure you want to do this.

Reset Validator Options to Default - Select this option to reset most or all of the options that affect the validation results to their default settings. A confirmation prompt will ask you if you are sure you want to do this.