System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

CSE HTML Validator requires the Microsoft Windows® XP operating system or above. This includes Windows 7 and Windows 8. It has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be Windows® 8 Compatible.

A minimum screen resolution of 800x600 is required to properly display some dialog boxes.

Windows® is a trademark of the Microsoft group of companies.

hmtoggle_plus1Recommended Minimums

The recommended minimum system requirements for using CSE HTML Validator is a 1 GHz processor with an adequate amount of memory (depending upon the operating system) and an 1024x768 screen resolution with a minimum of 256 colors.

Higher screen resolutions and faster processors will typically result in greater productivity with CSE HTML Validator.

hmtoggle_plus1Additional Notes

CSE HTML Validator is currently only available in 32-bit versions. Native 64-bit versions are not available at the time of this writing but the 32-bit version should work fine on 64-bit operating systems. In fact, current versions of CSE HTML Validator are mostly developed and tested on a 64-bit system.

Some parts of CSE HTML Validator use threads, so multi-core and multi-CPU systems may result in a performance improvement during some operations, such as link checking and batch processing with the Batch Wizard.