$_JOB array

The following describes the contents of the $_JOB array. This array is used for Batch Wizard jobs and allows for user customization of Batch Wizard jobs.

$_JOB.report - an array containing report variables

$_JOB.report.filename - a string containing the full report filename and path

$_JOB.report.filenames - an array of strings that can be set to override the default report filenames for report pages 1 and above; contains only the base names (no paths and no extensions); see onGetReportFilename()

$_JOB.report.filenameext - a string containing the report filename extension (like "html" or "xml")

$_JOB.report.folder - the folder that contains the report files (does not end in a slash); for reading only

$_JOB.report.footer - contains the report footer that is appended to the end of reports; change in onReportFooterLoaded()

$_JOB.linkcheck - true if the link checker is enabled, else false; can be set (but not read) to override the default in onFunctionsLoad() or onBeforeMainStart(), afterward it should be read only (New v12.0013)

$_JOB.openineditor - an array of strings with each string being a document to open in the editor after the job is complete (New v14.02)

$_JOB.startdate - a string representing the date the job was started; used as the generated date for reports; change in onFunctionsLoad()

$_JOB.starttime - a string representing the time the job was started; used as the generated time for reports; change in onFunctionsLoad()

NOTE: Changing certain variables or changing them at the wrong time or in the wrong event function could have no effect, unintended side-effects, and/or cause unexpected problems. If changing a variable, then make sure it is not a read-only variable and that it is changed in an appropriate event.