URL Specific (tick_24Pro, cross_24Std, cross_24Lite)

URL Specific Tab (URL targets only)

Use this tab to view and/or change the target options that apply to URL targets.

Agent - The agent to use when requesting the URL from the server. An agent normally identifies to the server what browser is being used, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Netscape. The agent is also used to check the links in the target when link checking is enabled. This is useful because some websites are designed to send back a different document depending on the agent being used.

Username - The username used to request the URL with, if needed.

Password - The password used to request the URL with, if needed. Note that passwords are not stored securely and that they may be stored in the registry or in the target list file.

Use username and password - Check this box to use a username and password when requesting the URL. Use this feature for password protected URLs.


The Username and Password fields are only used for HTTP or NTLM authentication.

If the Batch Wizard is following links and a parent URL target is set to use a username and password, then child links will be followed using the username and password of the parent link if the child link begins with the same domain and path of the parent link. If, for some reason, the domain and path do not match and the Batch Wizard is not using the username and password to fetch the child links as desired, then checking the Send usernames and passwords when only domains match option in the Link Checking Page of the Editor Options may correct the problem.