Ignore Parts of a Document
(tick_24Pro, tick_24Std, tick_24Lite)

There are some cases where you may want CSE HTML Validator to ignore, exclude, or bypass part of a document. For example, some sites (such as affiliate sites) give you bad/invalid HTML to insert into your documents, but you don't want to change or fix it because you'd rather just ignore it and leave it as it was given.

The "cseignore" Comment and Element (HTML/XHTML)

To ignore sections of HTML & XHTML documents, surround the section in <!--cseignore--> ... <!--/cseignore--> comments. Note that the comments must be exact with no space characters and are case-sensitive. (New v8.04)

Although its use is not recommended (the HTML compatible comments are preferred), CSE HTML Validator also provides the "cseignore" element so you can surround the parts of a document that you want to ignore in "cseignore" tags. Example: <cseignore>...ignore this...</cseignore>

NOTE: The "cseignore" element is included with the default configuration file. Other configuration files may not have support for the "cseignore" element. Furthermore, the "cseignore" element only works with CSE HTML Validator's own validation engine. This element is not recognized by HTML Tidy, nsgmls, JavaScript Lint, JSLint, or PHP which may be optionally enabled (but are not enabled by default).

NOTE: Does not ignore "high ASCII characters" for the "high ASCII" character check, if enabled.

The "cseignore" Comment (CSS)

To ignore sections of CSS documents, surround the section in /*cseignore*/ ... /*/cseignore*/ comments. Note that the comments must be exact and are case-sensitive. Nested comments are not allowed. (New v10.9923)

Note that if a /*cseignore*/ comment is found with no matching /*/cseignore*/ comment, then the /*cseignore*/ comment is not treated as a special ignore comment and no error or warning message is generated (and thus nothing is ignored).

With JavaScript Lint

JavaScript Lint includes some control comments that let you ignore part of a document:

(code that fires warnings)

To ignore all warnings in a file, place /*jsl:ignoreall*/ at the top of the file. For more information, please see the JavaScript Lint external links.