Editor Command Line Arguments

The following command line options/arguments are available for the editor (cse170.exe).




Open a file in the editor. See also the -o option in Command Line Arguments

-inifile <filename>

Specify an ini file (filename only or with a full path) to store the configuration in (the filename must exist or the option is ignored). This can be used as a way to use different profiles or "workspaces", or to run multiple instances simultaneously and independently. This feature uses "portable mode" with the specified ini file. (New v11.9914)


(New v14.0203) Causes the editor to automatically minimize itself after some initializations (the editor window may briefly appear before it's minimized)

(New v15.0210) Also causes the initial splash screen not to be shown

-msgwindow <name>

(New v11.9914) Specify a custom window name (caption) for the message window. Typically this is never used unless you are intentionally wanting to run more than one instance at a time. Example: -msgwindow instance1


Try to start quietly, without any user prompts like update notifications. (New v9.02)

See also: Command Line Arguments