Notes Editor (tick_24Pro, cross_24Std, cross_24Lite)

This editor is available from the Notes tab of the Configuration Editor.

The Notes tab in the Configuration Editor allows you to view and edit text information that is saved with the configuration. Here you can include helpful reference information and notes about the configuration that is currently loaded into HTML Validator. Users can view the notes for any important information about the specific configuration that they are using.

Edit Boxes

User defined configuration version - This edit box lets you specify your own version number for the configuration file to help you keep track of the configuration files that you are using. With the included configuration, it is also used with the update feature to make sure that you are using the latest configuration. If you customize your own configuration and do not want HTML Validator asking you if you want to update the configuration, enter a large number here, such as a number equal to or above 300000000. This will make HTML Validator think that you are always using a later version of the configuration file than is available from AI Internet Solutions LLC.