Disabling Validator Messages

Many validator messages can be enabled or disabled by a flag, by a unique message ID number, by exact text (new v10), by validation mode, or by message type. To see these options, right-click on or bring up the context message for a specific validator message when it is displayed in the Results Window. See below for more detailed information.

Note that you can also change a message's type.

NOTE: Disabling a message by flag, message ID number, exact text, or message type carries over to the Batch Wizard. This allows you to disable messages generated in a Batch Wizard report.

Disable Messages by Flag (tick_16Pro, tick_16Std, cross_16Lite)

Many validator messages are controlled by flags (by default, all flags are checked/enabled). Messages controlled by flags will have a number in brackets in front of them (like "[10]"). The number in the brackets indicates what flag affects the message. Typically, to disable the message, as well as any other message controlled by the same flag, you can uncheck the flag in the Flags Page of the Validator Engine Options.

NOTE: Some messages may only display if a flag is unchecked instead of checked.

As a shortcut, when viewing the validator messages in the editor, you can right-click on the message in the Results Window and disable or enable flags from the message context menu.

What messages are affected by what flags is mostly determined by the configuration file being used. Typically (almost always), you would only be using the included configuration file when validating documents. See the flag descriptions topic for details about what the flags do (for example, what messages they display) when the included configuration file is used.

Disable Messages by Message ID (tick_16Pro, tick_16Std, cross_16Lite)

Many (but not all) messages are assigned a "message ID" so that messages can be individually enabled or disabled and so that a message's type (error, warning, comment, etc) can be changed. If you only want to disable a single message instead of all the messages for a particular flag, then you can do this by choosing to enable or disable a message on an individual basis. This works for most messages but not all.

To disable an individual message, use the context menu for the message in the integrated editor (right-click on the message) and choose the desired option from the Message Options sub-menu. This feature may be referred to as the message ID feature because it only works for messages that have message IDs.

To see or edit the changes that have been made using the message ID feature, go to the Message ID options page in the Validator Engine Options.

By default, the configuration file that stores the message ID options is msgidcfg.xml and is located in a folder like C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\AI Internet Solutions\CSE HTML Validator\17.0 (Windows XP) or C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\AI Internet Solutions\CSE HTML Validator\17.0 (Vista and Windows 7/8).

To enable a message that has been disabled using a message ID, uncheck the Enable override by message ID option to display the message so it can be enabled.

Disable Messages by Exact Text Match (tick_16Pro, tick_16Std, cross_16Lite)

Most messages can be disabled by "exact text match". If a message is disabled using an exact text match, then further messages exactly matching (with a case-insensitive compare) the disabled message will not be displayed. (New v10.00)

NOTE: Program updates may change, update, and/or improve the text of some messages. This will cause a message to be re-enabled if it was disabled with the 'exact text match' method. If possible, disable messages by message ID instead of exact text match to avoid this.

To see or edit the disabled messages, go to the Message ID options page in the Validator Engine Options.

Disable Messages by Validation Mode (tick_16Pro, tick_16Std, cross_16Lite)

To display only error messages, an "errors only" validation can be done by going to Validate->Errors only. Similarly, to display only error and warning messages, an "errors and warnings only" validation can be done by going to Validate->Errors and warnings only. These validation modes are supported when using the included configuration file.

Disable Messages by Message Type (tick_16All Editions)

Warnings, messages, and comments can also be filtered out by going to Options->Validator Engine Options->Validator Engine->Message Output and checking or unchecking the options to show the different types of messages. Error messages cannot be filtered out in this way.