Clipboard (tick_24Pro, tick_24Std, cross_24Lite)

New in v16+ is the ability for CSE HTML Validator to monitor the clipboard for new documents to check.

Clipboard Options

Watch the clipboard for HTML documents and open a new tab when detected - Check this box to monitor the clipboard. When text is copied to the clipboard while CSE HTML Validator is not in the foreground (is not the active application)then a new document tab is automatically opened and filled with the clipboard text if one of the following is true:

The clipboard text contains the string "<!DOCTYPE html"

The clipboard text starts with a "cseclip" tag (explained below).

The first non-whitespace character of the clipboard text is '<' and it is followed by a specified start tag in the Watch for these start tags option

This option is not enabled by default.

Auto validate documents from the clipboard - Check this box to automatically validate any new document tabs that are opened from watching the clipboard. This option is not enabled by default.

Bring application to foreground when opening a new document tab - Check this box to bring CSE HTML Validator to the foreground when any new document tabs are opened from watching the clipboard. This option is not enabled by default.

Limit to only documents starting with the special <cseclip> tag - Check this box to recognize only clipboard text that begins with the special <cseclip> tag. Using this option can prevent CSE HTML Validator from opening unwanted clipboard text that would otherwise be recognized as a document and opened in a new tab. This option is not enabled by default. (New v17.00)

Watch for these start tags - Assume an HTML document if the clipboard text starts with one of these start tags (case-insensitive). Specify the tags using a comma separated list of tag names. Specify only the tag names and do not include characters like spaces, '<', and '>'. The default is body,head,html. (New v17.00)

The "cseclip" Tag

Begin (prepend) clipboard text with a "cseclip" tag to specify additional information about the clipboard text and make CSE HTML Validator recognize the clipboard text as a document to open in the editor. Note that this tag and its attributes are case-sensitive. (New v17.00)

See below for the possible attributes. Note that values must always be single or double quoted and character references are not recognized.

url - Specify the location of the clipboard text (must be an http or https link). This is used to calculate absolute paths from relative paths for the link checker. Example: <cseclip url="">(clip text here)