After validating a document, the Results Window shows the validator messages, links, document structure, and more.

The Results Window at the Bottom of the Editor

The Results Window at the Bottom of the Editor

The visibility of the Results Window can be toggled by pressing F9. Some of the tabs shown in the Results Window can be toggled using View->Windows->Results Window Tabs.

Note that you can disable the validator messages that you don't want to see. The lite edition only shows validator messages and does not have any tabs.

Tabs (tick_24Pro, tick_24Std, cross_24Lite)

The Main tab shows the validator messages that do not belong in one of the other tabs. This is probably the most important tab that you'll be working with. NOTE: If you want the Main tab to also show the messages in the Grouped, Accessibility, and/or Styles tabs then you can do so by checking the appropriate option in the Results Window Page of the Editor Options.

The Errors (x) tab shows all the errors and only the errors. It also displays the number of errors in parenthesis. (New v15.00)

The Warnings (x) tab shows all the warnings and only the warnings. It also displays the number of warnings in parenthesis. (New v15.00)

The Line tab shows all the validator messages for the line that the cursor is on. You can use it by selecting it and then placing the cursor on the line that you want to see the messages for.

The Grouped tab helps to separate more important messages, such as errors and warnings, from the less important messages. Error and warning messages will normally be concentrated in the Message tab while less important messages are normally concentrated in the Grouped tab. The Grouped tab also groups messages by category for easier viewing.

The Accessibility tab shows accessibility messages generated by the validator. The validator engine can help check documents for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG 1.0) compliance as well as compliance with US Section 508 federal standards. Accessibility checking may be disabled in the Validator Engine Options. If accessibility checking is disabled then no messages will appear under the Accessibility tab.

The Styles tab shows messages generated by the CSS style checker. The CSS style checker can check CSS embedded in HTML and XHTML documents as well as external style sheets. The style checker can be disabled in the Validator Engine Options. If style checking is disabled then no messages will appear under the Styles tab.

The Links tab displays the links that were found in the document. Note that if the validation terminates due to too many errors or warnings, then not all the links may be listed. Links can also be checked in this tab. NOTE: You can double-click a link to search for that link in the document.

The Structure tab shows an element count of implied or explicit elements (Used column), explicit start tags (Start column), explicit end tags (End column), and the percentage of explicit start tags that have end tags (Percent column), as well as a structure tree in text format. Click on a line in the structure tree to go to the relevant line in the document.

The Scratch tab contains two editors that you can use for cutting and pasting, taking notes, or any other helpful use.