Links Tab (tick_24Pro, tick_24Std, cross_24Lite)

This is the tab in the Results Window where you can view the links contained in a document and check them for validity.

The Links tab in the Results Window

The Links tab in the Results Window

See also the Check Links topic for basic information about checking links.

How to View the Links

A document must first be validated before the links will be displayed. This is because HTML Validator compiles the list of links during validation. If the validation is terminated early due to too many errors or warnings, then all the links contained in the document may not be listed.

Checking Links

To check the links to make sure that they exist and are valid, press the Check Links button (editor_results_window_links_tab_check_links).

CSE HTML Validator integrated editor supports automatic link checking if enabled. This will cause HTML Validator to automatically check the links of any documents that are validated without having to press the Check Links button (editor_results_window_links_tab_check_links).

By checking multiple links at a time and using a link cache, HTML Validator will efficiently check the links in the background so that you can continue to work. When the link check is completely finished, the results will be available and displayed if the Links tab is selected. If the Links tab is not selected, selecting the Links tab after a link check will display the most current link check results.

To abort a link check that is currently in progress, press the Stop Checking Links button in the Links tab. (this button looks like a "stop" button and is a square). Any links that are currently being checked will be checked, but no more unchecked links will be checked, so it may take a few seconds (or even a minute or two) for all link checking to stop after pressing this button.

For more information about link checking, please visit the Link Checking section in the Things You Should Know topic.


The 'Status' column will display the link status. Below are some possible status results, but there are more.

200 - OK - The server reported HTTP status code 200, which means "OK". The link should be valid.

404 - Not Found - The server reported HTTP status code 404, which means that the requested page couldn't be found on that server. Check to make sure the link is correct and includes the the correct folders and correct file extension (if any).

can't resolve hostname to IP address - The DNS system could not translate the hostname (like to an IP address. This is most likely because there is no such hostname.

Check media type - The server reported that the link was of a type that was not expected (like it was an HTML document when a CSS document was expected, or it was an HTML document when a JavaScript document was expected, or it was a CSS document where an image is expected, etc.). Check the link where it is used and make sure that it's the correct link and that the server is returning the correct type of document.

See also List of HTTP status codes (new window)


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