Path Mapping (tick_24Pro, tick_24Std, cross_24Lite)

This page lets you view and edit the path mapping options in the link checker configuration file. (New v10.00)

Path mapping maps "root-relative" paths in local documents to the correct local or server (HTTP) path so the link checker can check the correct link. For a more detailed explanation, see the example in the section that further describes path mappings with the link checker config file.

NOTE: If the 'Map From' or the 'Map To' text ends in a slash character, then it is typical that both should end in a slash character.


Map From - What the full path of the base must begin with for mapping. Example: C:\websites\domain1\

Map To - What to replace the "map from" part with so that the link is mapped to a new location (can be local or HTTP). Example: C:\websites\domain1\ or


Add New - Press this button to add a new path mapping.

Edit Selected Row - Press this button to edit the selected row. This is the same as double-clicking a row.

Delete Selected Row - Press this button to delete the selected row. This is the same as pressing the Del key after selecting a row.

Path Mapping with the Link Checker Config File

Path mappings can also be set by directly editing the link checker configuration file.

For example, let's say there are several websites with different domains and they are organized on the C drive in different folders like C:\websites\domain1\, C:\websites\domain2\, and C:\websites\domain3\. There are index.html documents in each of the domain directories and there are images linked with src="/jpg/image.jpg". By default, if a link check is done on any index.html document, then the link checker will try to check the file C:\jpg\image.jpg but this is not correct.

To solve the above issue, a new "pathmapcfg" tag can be added to the link checker configuration file. By setting basebeginswith="C:\websites\domain1\" ("map from") and mapto="C:\websites\domain1\" ("map to"), the link checker will be able to compute the correct link to check.

Alternatively, if you want to check the link via HTTP, then use mapto="" instead of mapto="C:\websites\domain1\". This will cause src="/jpg/image.jpg" in C:\websites\domain1\index.html to be checked as To do this for all three example domains, three "pathmapcfg" tags with different "basebeginswith" ("map from") values are needed, one for each domain.

Note that "basebeginswith" ("map from") values are compared without case sensitivity.

NOTE: After editing the link checker configuration file, restart CSE HTML Validator for the changes to take effect.

Example Configuration File

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    mapto="" />
    mapto="k:\websites\wwwnbah\" />

By default, the configuration file that stores the additional link checker options is linkcheckercfg.xml and is located in a folder like C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\AI Internet Solutions\CSE HTML Validator\17.0.

To easily edit this file, choose Options->Validator Engine Options->Edit Configuration Files->Link Checker in the editor.