Search Engine (tick_24Pro, tick_24Std, cross_24Lite)

This is where you set up options that affect the search engine part of the syntax checker. Search engine messages are generated in the standard and higher editions, but not in the lite edition. This page is new to v8.9910.

The search engine messages and tips that this program can generate may help you improve a web page's search engine ranking. The optional keyword density message can be used to help optimize a web page for certain keywords. This will make it more likely that the page appears in the search results (and appears higher) when the keywords are used in a search. However, be sure not to use keywords (or, for that matter, any search engine technique) in an "abusive" way or search engines may penalize the ranking.

See also tips for improving search engine rankings.

Search Engine Options

Enable general search engine messages - Check this box to enable general search engine messages that may help you make improvements that result in a better search engine ranking. If you are not interested in these messages, then we recommend that they be disabled to slightly increase validation speed. This option is enabled by default.

Keyword Density Message

Enable keyword density message - Check this box to count the number of times each word (except the excluded words) appear in a document. Words in comments are not counted. A comment message will be generated in the Search Engine category (typically displayed in the Grouped tab of the Results Window) that shows the most used words. Each word will include the number of times it appears and a percentage indicating the word density. If you are not interested in this message, then we recommend that the message be disabled to slightly increase validation speed. This option is enabled by default.
NOTE: When calculating the word density percentage, excluded keywords ARE considered, thus reducing the percentage. Also note that this is a "special" comment message that cannot be disabled unless this option is unchecked. For example, even if comment messages are set not to display, then the keyword density comment message will still display if this option is checked (New v10.0030).
SEO experts typically suggest keeping important keyword densities between 1 and 4 percent.

Enable visual keyword display in the Batch Wizard reports - (tick_16Pro, cross_16Std, cross_16Lite) In Batch Wizard reports, under the keyword density message text, show a visual representation of the top keywords (up to 15 of them), where the visual size of each keyword is based on its weight. This option is enabled by default. (New v10.0047)

Maximum keywords listed in keyword density message - Set this to the maximum number of keywords listed in the keyword density message. The default is 20.

Exclude these keywords - Set this to a comma separated list of words that should be excluded from counting and the keyword density message. The default is a list of commonly used words that typically do not function as search engine keywords. NOTE: Do not include space characters before or after the keywords.

More About Excluding Keyword Density Words

The default for the "exclude these keywords" option is "a,i,of,to,in,is,it,he,on,as,be,at,or,by,we,an,do,if,so,go,my,no,me,us,am,oh,the,and,you,that,was,for,are,with,his,they,have,this,from,had,but,some,what,there,can,were,all,your,when,use,how,she,which,their,will,then,them,would,these,her,him,has,could,come,did,most,who,than,may,been,any,get,where,after,only,came,our,very,just,much,before,too,does,also,put,even,here,such,went,let,between,since,might,don't,while,seem,those,until,yet,not,click,link,more".

An alternative (or addition) for German pages may be "ab,aber,alle,allen,alles,als,am,an,auch,auf,aus,bei,beide,beim,bekam,bis,bisher,da,dabei,dann,das,dass,daß,dein,deine,dem,den,der,des,dich,die,diese,diesem,diesen,dieser,dieses,dir,doch,du,durch,e,ein,eine,einem,einen,einer,eines,er,es,etc,etwas,euch,für,ganz,gibt,haben,hast,hat,hier,ich,ihr,im,immer,in,ist,kann,keine,können,konnte,man,mehr,mich,mir,mit,nach,nächste,nicht,noch,nur,oder,schon,sehr,sein,sich,sie,sind,so,über,um,und,uns,unser,unsere,unserer,viel,viele,vom,von,vor,vorher,vorherige,vorherigen,war,waren,was,weg,weil,weiter,weiteren,wenn,werden,wie,wieder,wir,wird,wo,wurde,wurden,zu,zum,zur,zurück".

There is also an event function onKeywordDensityWord() that can be used to exclude additional keywords. This allows exclusion using regular expressions and the matchRegEx() function.