Print, Export, or Email a Validation Report (Messages)

Use the Batch Wizard (tick_24Pro, cross_24Std, cross_24Lite)

If you're using the professional edition, then you can use the Batch Wizard to generate a validation report in HTML format for single or multiple documents. The report can then be viewed and printed from your web browser. To easily generate an HTML formatted report you can use the Validate with Batch Wizard (Shift+F2) menu option from the integrated editor.

Use 'Copy Messages to Clipboard' (tick_24All Editions)

You can also choose Copy Messages to Clipboard from the context menu (right-click menu) of the Results Window. You can then paste the messages somewhere where they can be saved to a file or printed (such as a blank document in CSE HTML Validator), or you can paste the messages into an email. You can also choose Copy Messages to Clipboard->As CSV to output the messages in CSV (comma separated values) format (tick_16Pro, tick_16Std, cross_16Lite; new in v16.02), or Copy Messages to Clipboard->As XML to output the messages in XML format (tick_16Pro, cross_16Std, cross_16Lite).

Similarly you can choose Links->Export Links to Text in the context menu to generate a list of links that can be printed or emailed.

Use 'Save Messages to File' (tick_24All Editions)

The Save Messages to File options are similar to the Copy Messages to Clipboard options described above but the file options make it easier to directly save the validation messages to a file (New v16.02).

Using the Drag and Drop Window (tick_24All Editions)

NOTE: Because many users do not use the old Drag and Drop Window feature, the Drag and Drop menu is hidden by default. To show it on the main menu, make sure that there is a check mark in front of the View->Menus->Drag and Drop menu option.

Another method is to use the Drag and Drop Window. Using this window, you can drag and drop a document onto the Drag and Drop Window and the results will appear in Notepad (by default). You can then print the document from Notepad. To do this, make sure that the Drag and Drop Window is visible using Drag and Drop->View Drag and Drop Window and that Drag and Drop->Use Validator on Dropped Files is checked. To validate a document, drag and drop the document that you want to validate onto the Drag and Drop Window window. You can even drag and drop multiple documents at the same time.

For options affecting the Drag and Drop Window, see the Classic Page in the Validator Engine Options.

Print the Document Structure

To print the document structure, choose Print from the context menu of the window where the document structure is being displayed.