Schedule Validations or Link Checks

By using a scheduling program, CSE HTML Validator's command line processor can be used to run validations or other jobs at scheduled times.

To schedule a job, you can use the Scheduled Tasks applet in the Windows Control Panel in Windows XP or the Task Scheduler in Vista and Windows 7/8.

TIP: Using the command line processor, you can create a batch file that runs the Batch Wizard and then emails or publishes the results (this may require additional 3rd party software).

For more information, see the Command Line Arguments topic.


After generating a scheduled Batch Wizard report, the report can automatically be uploaded to a server. See the example below.


This example runs a Batch Wizard job at scheduled times and optionally uploads the report to a server.

Choose a folder (with write permission) to save the needed files which will include a Batch Wizard target list file and a batch file. This example uses the folder C:\Users\(username)\validator, but you could use another folder.

Please note that on 64-bit systems you may need to change "Program Files" to "Program Files (x86)".

hmtoggle_plus1Step 1: Create the Batch Wizard target list file
hmtoggle_plus1Step 2: Create the batch file that will be scheduled to run
hmtoggle_plus1Step 3: Schedule the batch file to run
hmtoggle_plus1Upload the report to a server (optional)