CSE HTML Validator Standard (and higher) support spell checking in the editor and also in the validator engine. The editor supports spell checking like a typical word processing application, text editor, or HTML editor would, as well as "live spelling".

The validator engine supports spell checking by generating a single validator message with a list of words that are possibly misspelled. It can also generate a separate repeated word message.

Note that the lite edition only supports spell checking in the editor.

NOTE: Performing a spell check in the editor works differently than performing a spell check using the validator engine. Which words are checked depend on whether the spell check is performed in the editor or in the validator engine.
If a spell check is performed in the editor, then words in HTML tags can be included or excluded depending on the Ignore markup languages option in Spelling Options Dialog (accessible from the Spell Checking Page in the Editor Options)
If a spell check is performed in the validator engine, then a "smarter" approach is taken. Some words in relevant tags and attribute values may be checked, depending on what tag and attribute value it is. The spelling options in the Spell Checking Page of the Validator Engine Options also affect how the spell check is performed in the validator engine.

Downloading and Installing New Dictionaries

Additional dictionaries supporting different languages are available. Please visit CSE HTML Validator's download page (new window) to download any additional dictionaries that are available and that you might want.

The default dictionary is American English.

Adding Words to the Dictionary

To add words to the dictionary, please see the Add Words to the Dictionary topic.

Validator Messages

The validator engine will generate a validator message with a misspelled word list if spell checking is enabled and misspelled words are found. This message can either be a warning message or a comment message. To choose whether you want this message to be a warning or a comment, to disable spell checking, or to see and change the other options, please see the Spell Checking Page in the Validator Engine Options.

There are also options to enable or disable a 'repeated word' validator message.

Spell Checker Features

It's FAST!

The editor supports Live Spelling. As you type, words are checked and misspelled words are underlined with a red squiggly line. (New v9.0)

Includes several dictionaries supporting American English, British English, and Australian English. Also included is an HTML tags and attributes dictionary. You can choose which dictionaries to use and additional dictionaries are available from CSE HTML Validator's download page (new window).

Automatically uses Microsoft Word's user dictionary if available. This causes any words that you have added to this dictionary to be automatically accepted. No need to add them again.

Add your own words to your own custom dictionary. Automatically created custom dictionaries are typically stored as *.adu files in C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\AI Internet Solutions\CSE HTML Validator\17.0\Dictionary

Saves a separate set of configuration options for different users (based on the user that is logged into the computer).

The spell checker is integrated into both the editor and the validator engine. This means that you do not have to use the integrated editor to take advantage of the spell checking feature (except for the lite edition where the spell checker is not built into the validator engine). You can use the spell checker in third party applications and the Batch Wizard. Note that the spell checker is not available in the validator engine in the lite edition.

The Batch Wizard supports the spell checker with a dedicated spell checking tool so that you can quickly spell check multiple pages and generate a familiar Batch Wizard report. (tick_16Pro, cross_16Std, cross_16Lite)

You can disable spell checking during a validation for a small performance increase if spell checking is not needed or desired. (tick_16Pro, tick_16Std, cross_16Lite)