Text Inserters (tick_24Pro, tick_24Std, tick_24Lite)

CSE HTML Validator includes toolbar text inserters so that HTML/XHTML tags, CSS properties, JavaScript items, PHP items, and user customized text can easily be inserted (or "pasted") into documents.

Shows HTML and CSS Text Inserter Toolbars

Shows HTML and CSS Text Inserter Toolbars

How to Use the Inserters

To use the inserters, they must first be visible in the editor. Make sure that they are visible by using the editor's View->Inserters submenu. Note that you can move the inserters around to position them to your liking.

To insert text from a text inserter, select the menu item that represents the text that you want to insert. If there is a "|" character in the text, then the "|" character indicates where the cursor will be placed after the text is inserted. If document text is selected and an inserter item with a "|" character is selected, then the selected document text will be placed where the "|" character is. For example, if the document text "IMPORTANT" is selected and then an inserter item such as <strong>|</strong> is selected (such as from the HTML Inserter), then the result will be <strong>IMPORTANT</strong>.

TIP #1: Use the keyboard shortcut F4 to repeat the last text insertion or text selection/sort command.
TIP #2: If inserting a character reference (like from the HTML inserter) then you can hold down the Shift key to insert the actual character instead of the character reference. (New v16.0011)

When an inserter is no longer needed, it can be left open or it can be closed to save screen space. To close an inserter, use the editor's View->Inserters submenu or the Close Inserter menu item from the inserter itself.

See also the Configure the Text Inserters topic.