int checkArrayKeys(int $flags, int $mode[, int $msgid][, int $auxint], array $array)

$flags - can be added together; the $flags value depends on $mode so see the values for $mode below for available $flags; if a $mode does not say anything about $flags, then the $flags value is not used and should be 0.

$mode - can not be added together

1 - returns TRUE if each key in $array is a case-insensitive match for one of the given strings else returns FALSE


1 - generate a default error message if returning false (validator engine only)

2 - include the optional $msgid parameter after $mode which is the message ID that will be used if a message is generated

4 - include the optional $auxint parameter which is the attribute index of the attribute value that should be highlighted if a message is generated

$array - the array containing the array keys to check

The default return value is FALSE (0) unless it is changed. NOTE: The value TRUE is the same as 1.

This function is often used after using dissect().

This function is supported by CSE HTML Validator v17.00 and later.

Example 1

The follow code is a fragment of the code used to check a meta tag like this: <meta name="msapplication-window" content="width=1024;height=768">

if $namevalue=='msapplication-window' {