checkRange[Ex]() (tick_24Validator Engine Only)

int checkRange(int $flags, int $returntype, string $isopentag, string $tagname1[, string $tagname2...]);


1 - display a default error message if $isopentag is currently open, but none of $tagname1, $tagname2, etc. are open, else the default error message is not displayed

2 - don't consider the last added component when searching for $isopentag (New v4.5000)

This function's return value depends on $returntype:

If $returntype is RETURN_NOTUSED, then the return value is undefined. Use this if you do not use the return value of this function.

If $returntype is RETURN_LISTINDEX, then the return value is 0 if $isopentag is not open, 1 if $isopentag is open but no $tagnamex is open, and 2 or greater if $isopentag is open and $tagnamex is open. If the value is 2 or greater, then the return value indicates the first $tagnamex in the list that is open.

$tagnamex - a tag name to check to see if it is currently open; $tagnamex is only checked to see if it is open if $isopentag is open, and if $isopentag is open, then $tagnamex is only considered to be open if $tagnamex is opened after $isopentag

int checkRangeEx(int $flags, string $tagname1[, string $tagname2...]);


1 - display default message (if any)

2 - (valid only in text program) check to make sure that no tag name in the list of tag names is opened; if one or more tag names are open then displays an error message that text cannot be used in the opened tag name (message displayed only if flag 1 is also set) and returns 1 if the opened tag is $tagname1, 2 if $tagname2, etc.; if no tag name in the list is open, then returns 0

$tagnamex - list of tag names