This function is just like onCommentHTML() except that it is only called for comments starting with <!--CSE.

This function can be used to create your own custom validation directives using standard HTML comments that begin with "CSE".

$commentstring - the contents of the HTML comment, excluding the angle brackets; for example, if the comment is <!--CSE_ENABLEMYSTUFF-->, then $commentstring will be "!--CSE_ENABLEMYSTUFF--"

onCommentHTML() is stilled called (and is called after onCommentHTML_CSE())

Comments must begin with exactly <!--CSE. That means there can be no space before "CSE" and "CSE" must be in uppercase.

This function is supported by CSE HTML Validator v17.0107 and later.


function onHTMLComment_CSE() {
 MessageEx(13|1024,2017021001,MSG_COMMENT,'CSE HTML comment: '+$commentstring);
 if beginsWithCase($commentstring,"!--CSEMYCONFIG_") {
  if $commentstring==="!--CSEMYCONFIG_EXTRACHECKING--" {
   MessageEx(13|1024,2011083001,MSG_COMMENT,'Extra checking enabled!');
  elseif $commentstring==="!--CSEMYCONFIG_LOOSECHECKING--" {
   MessageEx(13|1024,2011083002,MSG_COMMENT,'Loose checking enabled!');