This function is called when a configuration is loaded.

Some things that can be done in this function:

setValueString(10,typeface) - recognize typeface as a "web-safe" typeface; can specify multiple typefaces

setValueString(11,typeface) - recognize typeface as a valid typeface so they won't be unknown; can specify multiple typefaces

setValueString(21,excludewords) - additional words to exclude from the search engine keyword density message

See the setValueString() function for more options.


function onConfigLoad() {
 // add words to exclude from the search engine keyword density message
 // recognize the following typefaces as "web-safe"
 // recognize the following typefaces as valid


This is like the onConfigLoad() function, but it is run after onConfigLoad(). New validation modes should be added here to avoid out-of-order problems with those set in the onConfigLoad() function of the main config file.


function onConfigLoad2() {
 // add a new job subtype/validation mode
 setValueString(2,"My Validation Mode");