readFile() (tick_24Pro, cross_24Std, cross_24Lite)

string readFile(string $filename[, int $flags]);

This function may pose a security risk and a risk for accidental damage such as data loss; use it carefully. Also, enable potentially destructive functions in the Config Files Options Page for it to work.

Reads the text contents of $filename as a single string with newline characters (0x0a) for line separation (the last line will not end in a newline character). The file being read is assumed to be encoded using UTF-8. A UTF-8 signature is optional.

If the function fails for any reason then an undefined (unset) value is returned.


reserved for future use; do not use

This function is only supported in the professional and enterprise editions.

This function is supported by CSE HTML Validator v14.0207 and later.