setFlagEx() (tick_24Validator Engine Only)

int setFlagEx(int $flagset, int $flag, int $arg1, int $value);

$flagset - what to set

1 - set an attribute value option

$flag - further specifies which flag to set

1 - enable attribute value program

$arg1 - the attribute value ID

2 - set an attribute flag (New v6.4950)

$flag - further specifies which flag to set

1 - attribute value contains no character references so don't try to convert them

2 - don't check the case of the attribute name

$arg1 - the attribute index

$value - 0 (false) or nonzero (true)

The function returns the original value of the flag (0 or 1) before it was changed (if it was changed).

Returns -1 if any arguments are not supported. An error message will not be generated.